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Five Reasons To Watch ‘Sex On The Job’

Sometimes we need a little extra motivation while working. Sure, money is top priority usually, but when you walk on site and a bad bitch is bent over cutting wood with her reciprocating saw I doubt your mind will be on your paycheck. Spizzo and CZ Muse bring this fantasy to life in Sex On The Job with 4 scenes that may have you walking into the office a little different tomorrow morning.

Big Tits

Big boob lovers stand up! Blondie Fesser, Josephine Jackson, Angel Wicky, and Kitana Lure are all gorgeous full figured stacked stars and it almost isn’t fair putting them all in the same flick. Tit sucking, fucking, groping and motorboating are all a go in this one and it’s the perfect overload. There’s no surprise these guys weren’t able to concentrate after laying eyes on those beauties and after checking this feature out you won’t be able to either.

GameLink Featured VOD Sex On The Job

Women With Power Tools

Strength is literally built into the name power tools, and the power you feel when operating one of those bad boys is exhilarating. Combine that with incredibly hot women and the possibilities are endless. Just imagine, Kitana Lure┬ádrilling with a heavy duty demolition jack hammer, her titties bouncing all around, sweat dripping down her body as she looks up at you wondering why the hell you’re so late. It’s literally like a dream come true and all you can do is take your punishment and be happy with it.

Scene Intro Music

Music and soundtracks play a crucial role in film and that role is seen in porn just the same. Without us even being fully aware, music shapes how we feel going into a scene and the music chosen for Sex On The Job is perfect! I actually found myself bopping along to the fast paced upbeat tunes before each scene, and I realized to subtle foreshadowing genius behind it halfway through the movie. The rhythm and tone give a party feel and instantly you know what type of sex you’re getting, and it won’t be a lot of passionate kissing and caressing. Instead these ladies get down to business quickly, attacking the dick like the fellas should be attacking their daily tasks, and everything just feels like a great time overall.

Positions, Positions, and more Positions

Construction job sites are often thought to be cold and hard, so you wouldn’t think there would be much to do in terms of sex besides fucking while standing up. Not if you’re these fine ass boss ladies! Watching Blondie Fesser get her pussy licked and fuck the shit out of her contractor on an industrial packing table is out of this world. Josephine doesn’t hesitate at all when it’s time for her to make use of a stepstool so her guy can hit it from the back, and Kitana straight pulls out a towel to hurdle the concrete floor so she can get down on her knees. Location be damed, these ladies want to flip in and out whatever comes to mind and I for sure love to see the dedication!

CZ Muse’s Catalog Continues to Grow

CZ Muse is steadily building his directing catalog and it’s obvious he has an eye for pairing and capturing beautiful stars, making sure to highlight their qualities and allowing them to showcase what they’re all about. I love that he isn’t afraid to tackle plots on top of gonzo and I truly can’t wait to see what his future holds in store for the fans and the industry as a whole.

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