Five Reasons To Watch ‘Lesbians Vol. 1’ (Featured Movie Review)

Lesbians in Play

The art of lesbian love, it’s something beautiful that every guy can appreciate and most girls seem to enjoy too.  Who better to lick your pussy than another sexy girl who knows exactly how to make it feel good. For guys seeing two girls make love to each other is just as erotic as a cat fight. Anything that make girls touch each other starts the fantasy.

Superb Production

The production of this film is superb!  Beautiful babes wearing sexy outfits and getting naked on some elegant sets. This movie gives a nice combination of sets that even change in a few of the scenes.  The bedrooms are beautiful but the outdoor sets look so exotic and crisp in Ultra 4k HD. The colors and contrast are vibrant and accentuate the beauty of each girl in this film as their skin glows in the bright sun. Multiple angles and close-up varieties also add to each scene.

Great Foreplay Material

If you are looking for a great video to share with your lover, this film gives you plenty of material to create the mood. The film is over two hours with six full scenes that will tap into those erogenous zones and give plenty of time and material to create your own foreplay and sex play with your partner.  There is also a threesome scene to start with getting things off in an exciting way.

Beautiful Babes

The girls are gorgeous! I have always been an Agatha Vega fan, she and a beautiful brunette named Ginebra Bellucci play together in two scenes of this movie. They start out the movie in threesome in bed with Lika Star and then close out the film outdoors in one of the most beautiful locations I have seen in a porn movie.  This is the first time I have seen Ginebra and her body is perfection, I will be looking for more of her.  Baby Nicols and Lottie Magne play in the sun by the pool which leads to poolside action.  Nancy Ace and Vanessa Alessia are two stunning newbies. Ellie Luna and Alissa Fox start their scene outdoors which leads indoors, just two super-hot brunettes! Their scene even gives us a sexy pillow fight at the end with a sexy friend. Nancy returns with a new lover, blonde babe Nikki Hill and they taste each other for dessert after some breakfast in bed.

A Perfect Lesbian Film

I personally enjoy a storyline to ratchet up my fantasy experience and this film doesn’t really offer that. Not in words at least as hardly a word is spoken but who needs words when there is so much pussy.  Each scene has a slight silent intro though that allows you to guess what has led to the erotic lesbian love you get to witness.  I can tell you that all of these girls get extreme pleasure.  They may not talk but they can moan and what I heard was excellent. They all take time with each other which in turn gives us a great show. This film offers a lot to all the sexes with beautiful lesbian sex.

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