Five Reasons To Watch ‘The Babysitter’s Ass’

Diabolic is known for pumping out hit after hit and they have another one on their hands with The Babysitter’s Ass. If cute little babysitter’s with incredibly sexy physique and girl next door personalities are your thing, this one if perfect for you! Here are five reasons to watch our latest VOD Feature asap…

Mike Quasar Does It Again

When it comes to taking an average taboo theme and turning it into a feature hit few directors can say they’ve enjoyed the success Mike Quasar has, and The Babysitter’s Ass follows right in lineWe’ve all seen and played with the babysitter fantasy so many times that’s it’s hard to see where there’s room for anything new, but Mike finds the sexiest women, captures them at beautiful angles with perfect lighting, and throws in just enough cheesy plot to get your juices running! After all, there’s nothing like having your babysitter jump your bones after work because her boyfriend got on her nerves.


If going through the backdoor is your thing, you’re going to love this flick. Each scene features great anal sex and Mike makes sure you can see all up and in that thing each time. The stars take it to the next level though, riding cowgirl, pounding away doggy style, and spreading their legs while spooning to make sure every inch fits! These ladies make it look easy, loving every minute of it, and that just makes the fantasy better.

TikTok Makes An Appearance

My fellow millennials can really appreciate this one. Social media is everywhere, including porn, and I love that Haley Reed’s boyfriend Codey interrupted her getting to the bag in order to steal wi-fi so he could update his tiktok videos in the 2nd scene! Don’t act like you haven’t been there…scrambling around trying to find service so you can keep up with the latest gossip. Of course your quest probably didn’t end with you at your partner’s babysitting job fucking on the living room couch, but hey, nobody’s life is perfect.

Good Head

You can never overstate the importance of giving and getting good head. Sure, kissing and touching usually gets things started, but oral is like tip off. The game has officially started and you want to hit the ground running. That’s why I know you’re going to appreciate Sophia Burns in scene 4 damn near sucking the skin off Robby Echo’s cock after he complains about not getting any in a few weeks. After getting hers first, she wraps both hands around his dick and goes to town before getting face-fucked and going balls deep like a champ!

Porn Promoting Porn!

In scene 3 Rory Knox gets caught creating adult content in Mike Mancini’s living room when he arrives home early from work and the playout is pure awesomeness! Of course he demands to know what the heck she’s doing with her phone and titties out, and when she explains she creates content to help pay bills he’s way more understanding than you’d expect. When she suggest they create something together he jumps at the chance but explains that his wife can never find out. With the parameters set they get to work and I really got a kick out of the content mention. It’s a fun playful way to keep in the forefront of our minds that these performers are regular people on a grind to survive like the rest of us and it helps when you have an understanding boss.


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