Five Reasons to Watch ‘Resort of Lust & Luxury’ (VOD Exclusive)

Step inside the Resort of Lust & Luxury with this unique narrative POV experience from LifeSelector. The girls at this resort came to unwind and feel good, and something about it makes them very horny! Here are five reasons to watch Resort of Lust & Luxury.

Watch Resort of Lust & Luxury from LifeSelector!

A narrative POV experience

Forget looking at random POV scenes and pretending you’re the body standing there, LifeSelector brings us the next evolution in POV. You’re not just pretending to bang, you’re the character in the narrative! All of Resort of Lust & Luxury is in a detailed POV format, taking the main character (you) through a 100 minute storyline of sexual lust and adventure. Have fun sitting in the shoes of the hero, the resort staff member, and banging chicks like Shalina Devine, Sharon White, Angelica Heart, and Kitana Lure.

Sharon White’s smooth plump ass

Sharon needs to relax and loosen up so she gets a massage from the resort staff (POV!) and gets her thick cheeks all oiled up. Once she’s nice and oiled, she lets the fingers slip in from the back inbetween her spread pussy. Her ass is the star of the scene, engulfing the fingers as they jab deeper inside. She sits up and slides herself on top of the cock, placing her ass backwards and toward the camera. You get to watch her plop up and down, ass first, with a full frame view of her ass smashing down with each rotation!

Naked yoga

Usually yoga isn’t that fun. It gets hot, you sweat, and stretching can hurt! But it’s not so bad when you get to watch curvy, full-assed women do it. It gets even better when those women are naked. Now that’s a resort I’d pay good money for! The girls at the resort get naked in the middle of yoga class, under the sky and sun, and spread their asses and pussies wide in the downward dog position. That’s one way to prep for what’s to come, and they’re very good at it!

Shalina Devine’s tantalizing accent

Shalina demands sexual satisfaction in a careless tone using her wildly seductive Eastern European accent. When she talks, you listen, and you obey, as does the character in the film! Now that’s true POV. She shows why she’s in charge by dropping to her knees and getting a mouthful of dick in her mouth. She controls it with her tongue, teaching it who’s boss, and you can’t help but feel the blowjob is better because of it. She sucks it with conviction, like she’s trying to drain every last drop of water in a desert. But still it’s not enough, and she moves on to spread her legs. Her voice is effortlessly seductive and gets the blood pumping

A noisy threesome

A grand finale treat comes to you in the form of a very vocal threesome featuring Angelica Heart and Alexa Flexy. Alexa moans over and over as she’s thrusted from missionary and Angelica gently massages her tit. You can hear the liquid squish as the dick slips up and down Alexa’s vaginal walls, an auditory sensation to match her pleasure. They keep going until she begins climax, her abs tighten and flex as you see the outline of her six pack. Angelica pulls out the used cock and wraps her lips around it like a Popsicle on a summer day. She slurps down all of Alexa’s leftover pussy juices, savoring the taste with a light moan.

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