Five Reasons to Watch ‘Family Time’ (VOD Exclusive)

Everyday life can lead to playful fun and sometimes the fun is unexpected and comes out of nowhere. You’re hanging out with a good friend when a feeling of horniness sets in, maybe a late night at work leads to some office fun. Perhaps an exciting night at the club leads to some stranger sex. Then there is “family-roleplay” fantasies that became popular with the rise of step families. You’re living in cozy close quarters and step-mom makes a pass at you, or the horny step-daughter has fixated on her stepdad. Your stepmother is a gorgeous slut, how do you resist that. What about if step-Mom was attracted to her husbands son? This week’s VOD Exclusive gives you a first glance at some of these fantasies with Family Time by Digital Sin.


Redheaded Step Mom Loves to Swing

Imagine a stepmom like Lauren Philips who has a killer body and sexy red hair and she is asking for your opinion on which sexy outfit to wear on a “swingers” date she is planning with Dad. A female convict…no, how about a Doctor? Try again, a sexy female cop with handcuffs. Well she should know that combination is bound to get a young man stimulated. Once she cuffs herself she sends the signal and gives him the guts to rip open her shirt and suck on those beautiful big tits of hers. I am guessing that if Lauren and stepdad are swingers, how taboo can a fling with her stepson be? This scene is pretty mesmerizing watching him take his time on her tits before she rewards him with a blowjob and a hard fuck on the bed. The camera angles really accentuate her curvy body in the various positions. Pardon the pun but its red hot!

Tight Brunette Teen Can Take a lot of Cock, Stepdads Cock!

Dakota Tyler is a very petite and innocent looking stepdaughter with brunette hair and really pretty eyes. She is spending the day with her stepdad looking at the beautiful landscapes and nature but back that the house she sees him naked and spies his big dick. After she has seen it she can think of nothing else and confronts him about it. She tells him she can take his big cock as she sticks it into her mouth. A man is helpless at this point even if it is his stepdaughter. He explains to her that her mother never sucks his cock like that. Dakota may seem innocent but she has a lot of confidence in her abilities. She likes when he licks her pussy making it nice and wet to fit that big cock into. She is kind of flat chested but she makes up for that with her cute face and moans. Her little pussy really can take all of that cock and she takes it well! They have a nice long fuck scenes in multiple positions with a big facial at the end.

MILF Caught Masturbating

MILF Abby Somers wants to be a good wife but she can’t fight her attraction to her stepson. As she is masturbating while thinking of him he accidentally walks in. She makes her move on the helpless young man cradling him in her arms while he sucks on her tits with nipple rings. She rubs his hard cock visible through his jeans and invites him to lick mommy’s pussy. Of course he obeys his step-mommy and goes in for a taste. Once they are both completely naked she can wait no more as she hops onto his hard cock and rides him with passion. She has a great rhythm on that cock changing things up by stopping every so often to keep it wet with her mouth. She definitely like to take control as she stays on top until he fills her pussy with a neat creampie. She is so PROUD of him.

Horny Stepmom Takes Advantage

Riley Jacobs is a needy stepmom and a young stepmom. She gets into the mood to play and manipulates her stepson into seeing her nude body. Once that happens he is putty in her hands and eagerly eats her wet pussy. She returns the love by deep throating his big hard cock. She hops on for a deep ride as he pulls her body close to his. The rocking bed has a nice ambient sound in the background. They really enjoy their time together with expressive moaning and various positions. He really pounds her good in the doggy position and cums all over her ass. What a great surprise from stepmom!

Great Sex that Happens Quickly by Surprise

This movie delivers by giving a plausible but short storyline into each scene that paints the picture of the fantasy. Each scene gets to the sex action pretty quickly and gives multiple positions. Each girl has different attributes that make it enjoyable to watch whether to love redheads, petite teen or MILFs, this movie covers it all. My only complaint with the movie is that Codey Steele plays the same role in two scenes to two different step-moms which for some reason for me ruins the fantasy a bit if you are watching the movie as a whole. It works great as individual scenes though. The film quality is excellent, the pace is perfect, make sure to get this on your playlist and enjoy!

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