Five Reasons to Watch ‘Elenka’s Quest Part One’ (VOD Exclusive)

The first part in a fantasy story about a sexy druid named Elenka, Elenka’s Quest Part One from Bare Maidens is sure thrill any fans of fantasy or porn! Check out five reasons to watch this movie.

Elenka's Quest Part One

Stunning visuals

The set pieces and backdrops for Elenka’s Quest are absolutely gorgeous, and not just for an adult film. Elenka wanders through lush green forests and overgrown fields and grass. The fantasy aesthetic completely immerses the viewer as Elenka travels to different lands, traversing through thunderstorms and snowy landscapes. The wardrobes are detailed and convincing, adding to the already impressive visuals.

Elenka is hot AF

Elena Koshka plays Elenka, one of the few surviving druids of her community after it was massacred by a bloodthirsty king’s military campaign. She is one with nature, a hot forest nympho, a horny lady robin hood, a true natural beauty of the Earth. Watch her pleasure herself in the grass as her fingers sift through her soft hairy bush. You’ll beg, wish, and fantasize that you could be with her and share these erotic moments.

Epic hero’s journey

How often do we get a hero’s journey in adult entertainment? Join Elenka on her quest to find her goddess, redeem her slaughtered tribe, and get a good climax in along the way. Finally, a powerful female lead who’s not afraid to get naked and rub her tits!

Fantastical setting

Imagine if Frodo Baggins were a hot chick and took an hour to herself to masturbate while she was camping up Mount Doom. Sounds like a much better movie, right? Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, because Elenka’s Quest is all that and then some. Carefully crafted eroticism exists inside this high quality fantasy adventure. Evil kings, druids, goddesses, soldiers – all fantastical pawns in this sexy epic journey.

The best 69 I’ve ever seen

I’ve seen a few 69s in my day, and I’ll be honest, they usually don’t look as good as they feel. Elenka’s Quest proves that thought dead wrong. After Elenka is rescued from a blizzard from a hot hunk soldier, she awakes in his tent, naked and covered by warm fur. It’s not long until his thick medieval cock is in her mouth, and her pussy is spread open and plopped on his face. She slowly and forcefully rides his mouth with small hip movements. Each slurp of the tip of his cock is interrupted by involuntary and intense moans from Elenka. Eventually she’s able to get her mouth down the shaft and fill her mouth with what she so desperately wants. As he tongues her from the back he grips his arms around the small of her back, locking her ass down and pulling her pussy into his tongue. Her pleasure is so intense she has to stop sucking and shake. She jerks his dick next to her face and you can see her individual butt cheeks constrict and flex. This is just the start. It’s one passionate sex scene!

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