Hair Down There #7 starring Nicky Huntsman

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Hair Down There #7’ (VOD Exclusive)

The true sign of a sexually mature woman is having some ‘hair down there’ to enhance the love-making experience, just as nature intended. These young women show off their hair and much more in heart-pounding sexual adventures in Hair Down There 7 from New Sensations. Here are five reasons to watch!

The soft massage of a well grown bush

When you’re diving face first into some prime lady snatch, there’s nothing like the caressing massage a well-maintained bush gives your face. All these girls are packing soft conditioned hair down there, and it’s nice to see it put to good use. Whether it’s a warm bed for the head while the tongue slurps up that glorious tangy pussy juice, or an extra layer of cushiony delight for the man ramming his hard cock inside her.

Lilly Bell’s butt bouncing performance

Lilly Bell has proven herself a top tier performer and all around joy to watch. Her fun-sized build, youthful aesthetic, and infectious sexual energy make your privates tingle in just a slightly different way that’s exciting. To see her with a nice thick bush is endearing and invigorating. She rides dick like a rodeo cowboy in this scene, bouncing in every position imaginable. Ass cheeks clapping, turning red, and shockwaves reverberating through.

Laney Grey’s drooling blowjob

Every great porno has to have one, and Hair Down There #7 hit the mark with Laney Grey’s killer, sloppy, wet, messy blowjob. It starts out like any other, a ravenous little minx named Laney is craving hard cock. She slips it in her mouth and starts to slobbering to make sure it’s good and lubricated, then the real magic beings. Delicate hand massage while she presses it deeper to the back of her throat, even gripping her own tit at the same time. She rubs it on her face before sucking it back down, worshipping it.

Nicky Huntsman’s big tits

What’s hotter than young adventurous women with slappin’ big tits? Nothing. Unless of course they’ve got some extra hair down there! Nicky Huntsman comes equipped with all the features of someone who’d rock your world: big tits, fit body, dominant sexual presence, and a sweet tattoo of Thor’s hammer right by her hip. The view looking up at her while her big tits shake above you is unparalleled sexual ecstasy. She rides dick with power and grace, and the frontal view of her reverse cowgirl will stick in your dreams for a long time.

Hazel Moore’s shower massage

A woman gleaming in wetness is a natural aphrodisiac. Watching Hazel Moore dripping in the shower is arousing enough, but watching her and her partner finger herself while water runs down her legs is a beautiful bonus. It’s tender and sensual. She’s pressed up against the shower wall and quivering while the fingers go deeper and faster. A perfect creation of nature, a goddess, trembling with pleasure and satisfaction. She steals the show before it’s even time for her to fuck!

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