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Five Reasons to Watch ‘The Affairs of Lidia’ (VOD Exclusive)

The end of the affair is the beginning of lusty revenge! Director Bruce LaBruce takes us into the heart of infidelity with The Affairs of Lidia, the latest from Lust Cinema. Check out five reasons to watch!

Director Bruce LaBruce

The Lust Cinema brand is most closely associated with its founder, Erika Lust. But the label has also given voice to a remarkable variety of other filmmakers, including Affairs of Lidia director Bruce LaBruce. He’s a multi-talented Canadian artist who has made his distinctive mark in numerous fields, from art to writing to filmmaking.

Noted Erika Lust, “I am mesmerized by his daring cinematic style, original storylines, and irony. He already brought intense passion to our XConfessions catalogue, and I am glad we finally have his signature on one more groundbreaking Lust Cinema original feature! This film is just fabulous; perfect for the lovers of fashion, cinema and sex.”

A complicated, sexy revenge

The normal reaction when discovering infidelity is anger and anguish, often followed by a breakup. Skye Blue’s character decides to take a different route. When she discovers her boyfriend is having an affair with a man, she launches an elaborate scheme of sexual manipulation involving everyone in the situation. Even her best friend, whose connection to the affairs seems loose, becomes ensnared in the widening web! Other studios have used the revenge motif as part of a porn plot, but this may be the most tantalizing variation on the theme yet.

Skye Blue

Skye Blue is rapidly becoming one of the most watchable and interesting stars in the industry today. She possesses all the requisite beauty you’d expect in an adult performer, but she’s given a chance to show all sides of her talent here. The nuanced, complicated role of the revenge-seeking protagonist would challenge even the most dedicated graduates of the Actors Studio. Blue tosses herself into the partwith a beguiling skill that we hope nets her some awards attention when nominations are next announced.

The chic, fashionable look

It’s not often one gets to admire the fashion in a porn movie, but The Affairs of Lidia looks like it could score an Oscar nod for costumes were it eligible. Skye Blue sports everything from snazzy sunglasses to eccentrically appealing accessories like a dainty pair of binoculars. (She witnesses some vital plot information through said specs.) It’s the sort of movie where the sartorial choices stand out even to audiences not usually inclined to notice such things.

The callback to classic cinema

The Affairs of Lidia may seem startlingly sophisticated for a porn movie. That likely stems from the movie’s inspiration, which tracks back to the classic relationship dramas of the 1960s and ’70s. “I really like to represent female sexuality on camera—even though I’m gay. The Affairs of Lidia is partially inspired by the Hollywood film from the late ’60s Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice by Paul Mazursky, which at the time was a very controversial film because the four main characters, who are played by mainstream Hollywood actors, end up in bed together in a kind of polyamorous situation. My parents were totally scandalised about the movie when it came out, and I think they even referred to it as ‘pornography,’ even though there’s no explicit sex in it!” LaBruce told AVN.

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