Pornworld exclusives

Four PornWorld VOD Exclusives Debut

“This is the new world and in it you can be whoever the fuck you want.”

Fans of Westworld will remember this as the climax of a memorable monologue by Maeve, one of the enigmatic hosts in the show’s lifelike theme park. PornWorld, formerly known as DDF Network, embodies some of that same freewheeling “live your truth” excitement. Here, you can let your fantasies run wild in a series of creative and engaging scenarios. Four of the label’s movies debut today as GameLink VOD exclusives! Check out a quick overview of each.

Post Accident Hardcore Action


Unless you’re David Cronenberg, auto accidents and sex don’t mix. Really, that’s basically blunt force trauma for your sex drive. That’s why PornWorld deserves massive props for this creatively catastrophic creation. The crashing metal of fender benders leads to anguished conversations between annoyed motorists. Do we really need to get the insurance company involved? Perhaps not, particularly if a more scandalous transaction can be conducted back at home. In this way, the movie calls to mind series such as Property Sex or Shoplyfter, where minor disagreements are resolved with improbable but sexy alternate arrangements. (Notably, this features a memorable and now poignant performance from Kai Taylor, who died in May of this year.)

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Fancy Dress Orgies

Remember the old maxim for ambitious new employees? “Dress for the job you want.” Well, if the desired job is starring player in a PornWorld orgy, these performers have certainly aced the interview. The outfits they wear here evoke a sense of time, mood, and place that extends into the expansive, exciting orgies they partake in. From intimate soirees to a Valentine’s Day celebration, these gatherings all promise a perfect perch for passion by the time the sun is setting. Perhaps the most memorable and fun segment involves 1920s-style garb (scene one), complete with vintage flapper gear and other amusing touches.

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BBC’s Pounding Blondes

There’s an alchemy to the blond/BBC combination that always yields porno gold. In recent years, a posh glamcore variation of the classic interracial genre has emerged, to wide popular acclaim. PornWorld’s version, captured here in four memorable scenes, adds in the “naughty massage” theme for extra fun. A particular highlight involves Baby Kitten making expert use of an enormous black dildo in preparation for the genuine article shortly thereafter.

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Daddy’s Best Buddies

“Hello, I’m your father’s friend at work!” Such innocent words of greeting, and yet they’ll be the opening for a forbidden passion. Dear ol’ Dad is witless to the fact that his daughter has blossomed into a beautiful temptress. When Dad’s best friend shows up by chance, it’s only a matter of time before the seduction begins. The movie plays in the same tonal key as the family roleplay genre but strikes out in its own direction with the “Dad’s friend” twist. You’ll be particularly smitten with Mina Von D, a redhead Spanish star with the bright appeal of a European Lacy Lennon. Kai Taylor is once again on call in several scenes here, bringing humor and charm to older dudes who can’t believe their good luck.

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