Alex Coal and Spencer Bradley

Five Reasons to watch ‘I Kissed a Girl Vol. 3’

Who doesn’t love to kiss a girl? I Kissed A Girl Vol. 3 from Nubile Films shows why everyone wants a taste of those pretty wet things. Check out five reasons to watch I Kissed A Girl Vol. 3.

Kissing girls is hot AF

Whether you’re a man, woman, in-between, both, or neither, kissing girls is mega hot. Each combination has its own possibilities of evoking intense eroticism. A gay kiss, a straight kiss, a bi kiss – as viewer, they all get my penis hard in different but equal ways! The soft wet lips of a woman’s connecting like a puzzle piece to another juicy set. All in the name of warming up the bodies to get to what we’re all here for, a good fuck! After all, we know these girls will be doing a lot more than kissing.

Alex Coal is a sex tank

Any time I get to watch a porn with Alex Coal is a gracious gift from high up above. A delicious treat that I anticipate with all being! I don’t know how long she planks every day or how many squats she has to do or whatever to develop and maintain that killer core and thick steel ass but I am so very glad she does. To be able to watch another pornstar in the delectable Spencer Bradley use Alex’s stone-cold body as a playground for her horniest desires is everything I could ever want out of a porn film.

Oiled pussies

Very few things are better than a wet pussy. The mere sight of one sends the sex synapses firing in your brain. The signals shoot down your nerves, through your veins, directly to your erogenous zone. So what’s better than a wet pussy? Maybe a nice glass of whiskey by the fireplace with some Jeffrey Osborne playing is on par, but that’s not what I was thinking. The only thing better is a wetter pussy. Alex Coal and Spencer Bradley accomplish just that with the help from some oil. Oil on the shirt, oil over the panties as it leaks onto the skin. Oh my God, it is incredible. You’ll want to bust one out before anyone even takes any clothes off.

It only gets better. Progressively more wet, more hot, more sensual. They lick each other up like hostess desserts, cream filling and all. They rub on each other, feel inside one another, and it’s safe to say they make the sweetest of sweet love. A girl/girl scene with a maximum emphasis on pleasure and finishing your partner as many times as they can fit in.

Emma Hix’s tight fine Canadian ass

The heading is self-explanatory. Emma Hix’s ass is tight, it’s fine, and it’s Canadian. Those of us who live south of the border (USA) come pre-programmed with a healthy Canadian fetish. Many of us dreamt of tasting the syrupy, candied juices from the lips that dwell between the legs of a beautiful woman from the Great White North. Emma is surely already a legend, but each new scene she graces with her toned long legs, tight ass, and dazzling blonde hair is another piece of gold dropped in her treasure chest of contributions to people’s fantasies around the world. Plus, she devours Lena Anderson’s vagina and then sits on her face and it rocks!

Pierced nipples & sexy moans

Okay, I cheated on this one. There’s just too many reasons to watch I Kissed A Girl Vol. 3 that it was impossible to keep it to only five. I could go to 10, 15, or 20! But I’ll save you the time and focus on pierced nipples and sexy moans. Clara Mia and Bella Rico get it on, and before long Clara’s shirt is removed to reveal a cute little pair of boobies with shiny metal piercings right through the titties. It’s a genius move that says “don’t be fooled by my girlish charm, I’m a freak in the sack,” and boy is she ever! These girls eat and finger each other so well you can hear the liquids slop with each tender thrust of the finger or tasty lick of the tongue. Bella Rico is so fine I get the feeling Clara wouldn’t mind eating her all day, and Bella’s moans are so infectious I could watch it all day! Bella purrs louder and louder as Clara goes faster and faster until Clara looks like her soul left her body. It’s a beautiful testament to girl power and girl on girl fucking you’ll never forget!

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