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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Closet Confessions’ (VOD Exclusive)

“Confession” implies admission of an opinion or action you might be embarrassed about. Well, there’s no shame in loving every minute of Closet Confessions, the new lesbian/family roleplay movie from Girlsway. Check out five reasons to watch!

Fully clothed but fully sexy

It’s not often that you encounter a sex scene that goes a full 15 minutes before anyone takes off their clothes. Scene one manages this unusual trick with the sort of confident aplomb typical of Girlsway productions! As the scene opens, we find Dee Williams stopping by stepdaughter Skye Blue’s room on the way to the laundry room. Skye dreams of being a model, an aspiration that Dee supports with a flurry of compliments. The sexual tension ratchets up as they look lustily at each other’s plunging bustlines. They decide it would be inappropriate to go too far, since they’re related by marriage, but they discover a “loophole” by touching each other on top of their clothes. Thus begins a lengthy but strangely effective sequence of fully-clothed teasing and stimulation. Eventually, after they’ve gotten so aroused their pants are visibly wet, the scene veers into more conventional (but equally erotic) territory.

The girl/girl/girl threesome

The centerpiece of the movie is also its most spectacular scene! Skye Blue and Laney Grey are hanging out in Laney’s bedroom when stepmom Dee Williams orders them to clean out the guestroom closet. When they discover a diary there with evidence of Dee’s lesbian past, they decide to confront her. Dee sheepishly admits some lesbian leanings when she was younger, causing Skye and Avery to pounce! The cross-generational family roleplay threesome that ensues contains some of the movie’s hottest action.

Skye Blue

Skye Blue appears in the movie’s first two scenes, playing similar characters, both of whom partake of Dee Williams’s notable charms (see below). She has somewhat of the vibe of a younger Ryan Keely, particularly in her hairstyle and eyepopping figure. If you’re not already a fan of Blue, Closet Confessions will have coming out of the closet as one!

Dee Williams

Dee Williams has blossomed into the quintessential porn stepmother. She’s old enough to project an impressive range of sexual experience, but she still possesses the sexual spark and naughty glint of a porn newbie. Like Skye Blue, she plays similar characters in successive scenes of Closet Confessions, excelling in both.

Rachael Cavalli getting caught

“If you’re so tired you fall asleep while you’re touching yourself, you’re too tired to do it yourself.” Impeccable logic, is it not? Aria Banks barges into stepmom Rachael Cavalli‘s room to inform her that their favorite show is on. Unfortunately, she catches Rachael in a compromising position, with her hand dipped in her panties from an aborted masturbation session. Aria’s a little fuzzy on the particulars of sexual expression, so Rachael decides to give her a few pointers.

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