Black Squirt Vol. 3 porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Black Squirt 3’

Avery Jane’s delicious body

Plump ass, fat titties, smooth curves, and a gorgeous face. Avery Jane is one of the hottest girls on the planet and people would pay good money to get just one lick of the sweat off her ass or a grab of those big squishy tatas. It may be a movie about squirting, but it enhances her squirts that much more when her body looks like it was crafted by angels and brought down from Heaven for us measly humans to enjoy. Thanks Avery.

Get a good dose of black pussy

Life just isn’t sweet without munching down on some of that tasty brown sugar. How about when they squirt it right on you? An even better delivery system.  Get a full taste with this collection of four scenes starring irresistible foxes Avery Jane, Ariana Aimes, Amari Gold, Cali Caliente, and Olivia Jayy. Get ready to drown in the pussy juice!

A very wet threesome

A very welcome treat to Black Squirt 3 is a very wet threesome inserted right before the final scene. While the other scenes are regular B/G scenes, we’re surprised with a steamy, stuffy, slutty threesome with Amari Gold and Cali Caliente sharing a long cock and each other’s pussies.

Ariana Aimes’ tight butthole

So many shining diamond moments in this squirt fest, but one you’ll want to look out for is Ariana’s tight butthole. Toward the end of her scene her legs are propped up and she’s being rammed by a big cock on top, but we have a beautiful shot of cum and juices dripping from her pussy down to her butthole. The butthole is flexing and pulsating with each thrust, squeezing ever so tightly as sex cream drizzles down, around, and all over it.

Avery Jane sucking down cock like a hungry ducky

To truly appreciate the porn you’re watching, it’s always good to pick up on the small details that make you smile. For example, everyone loves a sloppy head moment with the cock sloshing all around in the mouth and spit falling out of the girl’s mouth. But it’s the noise we really appreciate, and Avery Jane slurping with ducky noises every time the tip smacks the back of her throat adds that extra oomph that really sends her blowjobs to the next level. No you’re hearing the serene sounds of wildlife at the pond, Avery Jane is just getting fucked in the mouth! Think of it as a sprinkle of crushed red pepper perfecting your dish. Here’s to hoping she never stops gulp…gulp…gulping!


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