Spring Break Parties Vol. 19 porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume Nineteen’ (VOD Exclusive)

The sun is out, the water is warm, and Spring Break has arrived! Check out five reasons to watch Team Skeet‘s Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume Nineteen, the new GameLink VOD exclusive.

Foursome bliss and spring break

Sure, “spring break” gets title billing, but in the end, the real theme of the movie is B/G/G/G foursomes. It’s a fantasy that few people are lucky enough to experience, but Team Skeet is on the scene to give you a vicarious glimpse! Each segment boasts an expansive scale, with lengthy dialogue portions and even lengthier sex, helping the movie clock in at a whopping 187 minutes.

To be fair, the movie’s title is a slight bait and switch. None of the movie’s scenes directly concern the Girls Gone Wild spring break collegiate madness that is associated with the term. But the wider spirit of escape, sexual expression, and lack of inhibition pervades each of the movie’s scenes. Even if the cast isn’t on an official spring break, they are fully embodying all its naughtiest precepts!

Body paint

Scene two features Jewelz Blu, Allie Addison, and Lily Glee as aspiring artists who engage the services of a nude model (Will Pounder). He strikes various poses on the princely throne they’ve put in place to create extra visual excitement for the session. As we get a glimpse of their work-in-progress paintings, though, we notice that they’re all focusing expressly on the most intimate areas of his anatomy. Eventually the paint finds its way off the canvases and onto the curves of the three beautiful women as art devolves into a foursome. Perhaps inevitably, Pounder can’t resist yelling out “Ready to get painted?” just before he splatters the ladies in spunk.

“It’s bigger than that bottle!”

How’s the old quotation go? “Give my chastity but don’t get it yet”? In scene one, marriage bliss awaits Kiarra Kai, who is celebrating her engagement with two friends. They’ve heard that her fiance is packing a particularly impressive genetic gift, so when he stops by, they can’t resist asking him to show the goods. (A few bottles of bubbly no doubt furnish some liquid courage!) Once they see the full measure of it, they instantly decide that the pesky strictures of monogamy are not going to stand in the way of a fabulous foursome.

The bizarre science experiment scene

If you want to play a round of “one of these things is not like the other,” the clear winner is scene three. It breaks out of the movie’s overall formula to focus on a zany science experiment with a sexual theme. Can they conjure a potion that yields a four-hour erection? Lab coats, safety glasses, beakers, colorful liquids: they’re all accessories to a most unusual foursome. (Sure, the “lab” is obviously just a kitchen, but the scene is so fun, you go with it.) If you ever daydreamed about a cute lab partner in college biology, this is the scene for you.

Jenna J. Ross

Jenna J. Ross headlined the self-titled debut movie of AE Films, the production label of GameLink’s sibling site Adult Empire. It was an indelible intro to an amazing star, one whose appearances in studio porn have lessened in the intervening years. Happily, Spring Bring offers some thrilling Jenna material in its final scene. Her unbeatable presence and charming gap-toothed grin lead the way in this sequence of a girls’ weekend gone wild.

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