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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Princess Cum Vol. 13’ (VOD Exclusive)

What’s a stepbrother to do when he’s home alone, with nothing but boredom staring him in the face? If you answered “creampie his stepsister,” well, you’re today’s winner! Check out five reasons to watch Princess Cum Vol. 13, the new GameLink VOD exclusive.

Internal excitement

Cumshots are a central feature of any B/G scene. The internal nature of a creampie means it can lack some of the same (quite literal) pop of exterior cumshots. Princess Cum Vol. 13 gives its creampies an added excitement with visual and plot-based enhancements. In scene one, Nathan Bronson “accidentally” cums inside his stepsister (Vanna Bardot). As he frets about the impropriety of this, he consoles himself by remembering that sis is on birth control. Or is she? Vanna reveals that she actually isn’t, and that if she’s pregnant, they’ll be together forever. Later, in scene three, we’re given a scandalous up-close look at a heavy dose of cum funneling back out of Kenzie Reeves‘s vag.

Horror movie references

At first, Princess Cum Vol. 13 seems like a picture of refinement and class. The elegant strains of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” fill the air as Vanna Bardot engages in some apparently innocent fantasies about her wedding day. The tone shifts considerably when she reminds her stepbro (Codey Steele) of all the times he’s sneaked into her room late at night. In flashback, we see Codey’s looming shadow in Vanna’s doorway like Nosferatu approaching his latest victim. “Canon in D” drains away into a discordant parody of itself. Genuinely unsettling, this mix of horror-movie tropes nicely sets up the fauxcest coupling that follows.

Unapologetic kinkiness

“That’s pussy juice. You should taste it!” (Scene two)

“I’m an ice princess, and I can make your dick as hard as ice.” (Scene four)

These are just two choice excerpts from Princess Cum‘s startling array of porn dialogue. It runs headlong into the pure, effed-up madness that is at the root of the fauxcest genre. The characters revel in the startling things that come spilling out of their mouths just as surely as they savor the creampies that trickle from their intimate anatomy. The movie also embraces unusual, kinky moments like the discovery of a sea of cum-soaked tissues under a bed (scene two).

Believable stepbrothers

Given the prevalence of family roleplay porn, some movies miscast ill-suited actors in stepbrother roles. In contrast, Princess Cum Vol. 13 makes use of three actors who have a legitimately affable, almost innocent stepbrother vibes: Codey Steele, Tyler Nixon, and Nathan Bronson. They’re all perfectly suited to conveying a down-home charm that mingles with a pervy side just waiting to emerge.

Kenzie Reeves’s bed of roses

While most of Princess Cum focuses on quirky situations involving disturbed stepsisters and witless stepbrothers, scene three opts for a different approach. There’s no plot at all this time, as Kenzie Reeves seductively teases us with the backdrop of bright-red roses and picnic basket. (Check out a preview of the scene’s aesthetic in the movie box cover above. The shoot tied in with Reeves’s June 2021 designation as Nubiles Flavor of the Month.) It’s artistic and eye-catching in a way that makes for a perfect mid-movie change of pace. The climactic creampie is also one of the movie’s most arresting visual moments.

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