Watch Touch Vol. 1 starring Kenna James

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Touch Vol. 1’

Slayed hasn’t steered you wrong yet, so as if you needed any other reasons to watch the new feature Touch Vol. 1, here’s an easy five to convince you.

Watch Touch Vol. 1 starring Kenna James

Skye Blue’s ridiculously majestic tits

It’s impossible for me, and I imagine, anyone, to see Skye Blue in a scene and not get weak in the knees when her tits drop out. Like two creamy extra large marshmallows, they look like they could plop into your mouth and give you the sweet taste and soft texture you so desperately desire. They are crafted so delicately, so precisely, by our divine creator that it almost overshadows the fact that the rest of her body is absolutely stone-cold banging. She’s built like a stone carving of a goddess with a toned core and sturdy ass ready to plunder or get plundered. She very well may be the perfect porn specimen. Her sexual delight with smoke show Freya Parker is more than enough reason to watch this artistic climax from Slayed.

Celebrating women’s intimate friendships

The simple truth is women’s friendships are different from men’s. Men form comradery and bond through interest-based activities like drinking too much beer, playing video games, and screaming at sports on television. As brotherly and sweet as it is, it can be seen as somewhat superficial. Unfortunately in our predominately patriarchal society, women are expect to maintain relationships with other women in a similarly shallow fashion. However, Touch Vol. 1 celebrates true women relationships and friendships, those based on intimate bonds. When women become close they want to get close, and feel their friends on the inside and out. There’s nothing harmful about a good finger fuck or pussy licking on a wine night in, because that’s what being intimate is all about. Exploring your friend’s body is the truest celebration of friendship, and with four scenes of girlfriends digging deep inside each other with their fingers and tongues, it’s a party we all can appreciate.

Sexy pillow fights

Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James may be grown women, but it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to relax and release their inner-fun! While they have their girl’s slumber party together, they take the pillows from their bed and start a sexy pillow fight! Not all pillow fights are sexy, but when they’re performed by Charlotte and Kenna there is no other way. It’s only a few seconds of feathers flying through the air before both girls realize the other is is hot as fuck and is in dirty, sexy, shiny lingerie, so they grab each other tight and start locking lips. Is there really any other natural conclusion to a pillow fight? It’s mere seconds before Charlotte is gyrating her excited pussy on Kenna’s mouth. It reminds us that while we grow and want to fuck a lot, we can always keep a little bit of innocence inside us!

Dripping with gold and pussy

Slayed simply doesn’t miss when it comes to thematic aesthetic. The scenes are always well-shot and visually appealing with painstaking attention given to wardrobe and backdrops and color. Touch Vol. 1 is no different with the bedazzled clothing and design featured throughout the scenes. The first scene with Charlotte and Kenna features charlotte herself with gold nipple covers and Kenna with gold latches on her lingerie while they fuck across a gold bed and a gold chair. Nothing says hot and classy like gold. Skye and Freya also feature gold colors on their outfits, as do Jada Stevens and Goddess Guzman.

Tongues are made for cleaning ass

The debate of ass eating rages like a fire in the eternal flame of heaven. While many of the older kin frown upon the newer generations for putting tongue to butthole, it’s clear from Touch. Vol. 1 that tongues were in fact made for cleaning ass. Every scene features a most satisfying shot of these delicious, impeccable pornstars digging their mouths in the other’s assholes while their cute little noses ever so slightly penetrates the pussy. It looks like they’re having so much fun that they just want to go deeper and taste more. It’s a true coming together of beautiful souls and we’re just here to be humble witness with hard cocks ready to blast.

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