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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Ample Vol. 1’

Get in on the ground floor of Blacked’s newest series with the GameLink exclusive Ample Vol. 1. It promises “ladies for whom too much is never enough,” but does it deliver? Find out in this new “Five Reasons to Watch” review!

The Blacked lifestyle

Blacked isn’t just sex! It’s sex within a particular lifestyle. (Indeed, this applies broadly to all the movies in the Vixen Media Group of labels, which also includes, Tushy, Vixen, and others.) Everyone in Ample Vol. 1 is either a mover and shaker or someone caught in the thrall of a mover and shaker. They live in spacious, luxurious homes, they partake of every mortal luxury, and they indulge their sexual tastes with reckless abandon!

Gianna’s number one fan

Blacked‘s movies are filled with high-rolling influencers, the sort of people who drench social media posts with hashtags like #hustling. Gianna Dior‘s character is living just such a high life, savoring but ultimately ignoring the requests of thirsty male fans. She pauses, though, when she receives an astonishing dick pic from a particularly enthusiastic fan. He’s so¬† massive that Dior breaks her own rule and invites him to her home. Gianna’s cover-girl charms are fully in evidence, beguiled by the dynamic visual impression of Anton’s BBC.

Jane Wilde keeps the beat

Jane Wilde’s character is a massive fan of a popular recording artist. On a whim, she approaches him on social media and fires off a few naughty pics, not expecting a response. She’s shocked and delighted when he likes what he sees, agreeing to meet Jane during a brief window in his busy schedule. As Jane lustily awaits his arrival, she puts on some of his music and masturbates in sync with its distinctive rhythms. But this particular hardcore beat is only getting started!

Serious BBC

Blacked is famous for recruiting the industry’s most stupendous BBC talent, but Ample Vol. 1 surpasses itself! The legendary Mandingo sets the tone, but he’s far from the only large-and-in-charge player featured here. At times, you’ll swear that CGI has been deployed to intensify the dimensions, but nope, this is all real, all Blacked. (When Jane Wilde is playfully performing oral sex in the afterglow of scene two, the shaft is nearly as large as her head!)

The arrival of Mr. M.

The legacy of 50 Shades of Grey lives on through a myriad of wealthy, sexually adventurous benefactor characters in porn movies. Though such plot twists can sometimes be trite or corny, Ample Vol. 1 incorporates it deftly into the thrust of the scene. In a storyline that connects with a previous Blacked episode, Shona River asks lover Kira Noir about her mysterious sexual partner know simply as Mr. M. After a quick liaison to see if Shona is up to the Mr. M. challenge, Misty agrees to introduce the two. Mr. M. is Mr. M(andingo), and he’s worth every inch of his reputation!

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