Her First Trans Encounter starring Korra del Rio

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Her First Trans Encounter’ (VOD Exclusive)

Claire Tenebrarum’s hot pink hair

Claire’s sexy pink bob draws you in like an oasis in a desert. It’s a sultry alternative look that fills your mind with fantastic imagination of what’s to come…and what’s to cum is you! Her pink and black lingerie rests just above her erect dick as Marilyn Johnson happily goes down on it. It’s a beautiful sight to behold Marilyn gagging on the dick in the back of her throat while she looks up at Claire’s dangling pink hair.

Marilyn Johnson’s positive attitude

There’s a lot of pandemic going around the world the last couple of years, but perhaps one thing even more contagious than Covid is a positive attitude, and Marilyn has that tenfold. The pure delight and satisfaction on her face as she slobbers down Claire’s cock is so infectious I found myself smiling too. She holds a radiant appreciation for Claire’s tongue and lips as they spread between her pussy lips and eat her to great pleasure. She moans, bites her lip, fingers her own titties, and cums with great joy. Now that’s a positive attitude!

Korra del Rio’s clit and ass eating technique

Korra knows what she wants and takes it with great aggression, and sometimes that’s what it takes to devour a good pussy, and Spencer Bradley has a good pussy. In fact, it’s probably the only way to eat Spencer’s pussy because that thing sucks you in like a magnet. After one touch Korra can’t contain herself and launches a full scale assault with her mouth leading the charge. She spreads Spencer’s legs as wide as they can stretch digs her tongue deep and up and down. She wastes no time sticking her nose in the bush and grinding up and down from her clit to her asshole.

Spencer Bradley’s pleasure faces

The effect of a good pleasure face can’t overstated. It hits the mood with a bolt of lightning that get both parties going where they need to be, and where they need to be is in sexy fuck town. Props to Korra for going to town so hard on Spencer’s pussy that she can’t contain her smiling ecstasy. With each drop of saliva from Korra’s mouth to Spencer’s pussy, she squeezes her eyes shut and snaps her head back. She smiles and bites her bottom lip and rolls her eyes to the back of her head. She vibrates her whole body into Korra’s rhythm, begging to take her further and into nirvana.

Adira Allure’s and Angelina Please’s bathtub fuck

While the big finale only starts in the bathtub, it’s how you know it’s going to be an explosive lovefest. Any time you have a tub big enough for two people to make love to each other, you’re going to have fireworks. Any time you have Adira Allure in a scene with a hard dick and you’re going to have even more fireworks. Angelina Please is built like the perfect fuck doll; sweet blonde hair, sexy tattoos, nice big titties, and a dick to slam down Adira’s wet hole. First, she uses her dick to ram down Adira’s mouth, then eats her out for good measure. She sits back on top of Adira’s chest and face fucks her so hard I’m surprised her eyes didn’t pop out of her head. Adira liked it so much she climbed on top of Angelina and gets drilled so fast there are juices flying everywhere! They’re gonna have to change the bedsheets after this one.

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