Stunners 2 starring Lily Larimar!

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Stunners 2’ (VOD Exclusive)

Watch Stunners 2 from DarkX

Tight girls vs. big cocks

A tried and true method of getting all the fans wet and lustful is small, tight girls taking monster throbbing cocks. I mean, how can it all fit in there?! Stunners 2 from DarkX features a supple collection of slim, fit, tight pornstars getting engorged with a cock that fills them all the way to brim. The bigger the better!

Lily Larimar’s flexibility

The beautiful blonde can fuck in probably any position imaginable. Her body bends like silly putty at her partner’s will. She finds herself held up against the bed frame, suspended in air, with her legs pressed behind her head, and she takes the massive rod like a battering ram into her pussy. There’s nothing like watching Lily Larimar take the role of a human fuck-doll!

Marica Hase gets her asshole drilled

While we appreciate all these tight girls getting fucked by huge dicks, we also appreciate huge dicks penetrating their asses! Marica Hase doesn’t just want her pussy tenderized, but her asshole as well! Sometimes one good turn deserves another, and so her ass is pumped passionately from behind as she turns her head back and smiles.

Sovereign Syre’s pleasure moans

A woman can have all the hottest assets: nice tits, thick ass, killer curves, etc. but there’s one thing that’ll get me hornier and more satisfied than anything else: a delectable pleasure moan. Sovereign Syre takes a deep cock to every fiber of her being, nerves receiving every pump so that it’s penetration not just between her vaginal walls but all the way up to her brain. She can’t hold in her sounds of pleasure and reactive facial expressions. She becomes bewitched by cock, fully immersed in pleasure.

Ember Snow’s proactivity

For someone as jaw-droppingly beautiful as Ember Snow, simply being that beautiful would be enough.  But because she’s such a great person, she’s so much more. Nobody wants someone who just “lie there” during sex, and Ember knows that better than anyone. She bursts into her scene full of energy and joy, happily reaching her hands into her partner’s pants to pull out a cock and start throating it. She smiles, laughs, and forms a visible connection with her partner as they take this erotic journey together for our enjoyment. She switches positions herself, even hopping on top for an anal ride. It’s a different feeling of euphoria to watching someone so hot also so joyous and fun.

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