Hijab Hookups porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Hijab Hookups’ (VOD Exclusive)

Porn loves to skirt at the boundaries of the forbidden. Paradoxically, there are few things more enticing than a woman so mysterious, she can show only the barest glimpses of skin in public. Hijab Hookups takes you behind the veil with four exotic hookups! We present five reasons to check out this VOD exclusive from Team Skeet.

You can’t conceal sex appeal

The garb of the movie’s four stars is expressly designed to hide sex appeal. But when it comes to women like Chloe Amour and Violet Gems, even the most restrictive garments are powerless. Their light — and lust — shines through, beckoning all horny dudes in the vicinity to come closer. The movie sacrifices the usual flesh-heavy tease segments, but this merely creates a greater sense of anticipation and excitement.

The “Is it working?” camera move

A fun, frisky camera move in scene one captures the movie’s playful spirit. Chloe Amour‘s landlord drops by to say she’s three months behind on her rent. Desperate to avoid eviction, she begins to tease him with little hints of her gorgeous body beneath the hijab. When she asks if this strategy is working, the camera quickly pans down to the landlord’s tightening crotch. Yes, it’s working . . .

Scene two’s rough side

There’s a harder edge to go along with the movie’s comedic side! In scene two, hijab-clad housecleaner Violet Gems gets caught stealing money from her employer. To smoke her out, he executes an intense full-body search, stripping Violet down to examine every orifice. When he finally discovers the billfold hidden near her breasts, he decides that a moment of shared passion is the only way to make things right.

Cum on cloth

The movie goes for pure shock value in numerous ways, particularly in the final moments of many of its scenes. To keep the theme alive throughout the scene, each star leaves her head covering in place as the sex unfolds. This leads to the inviting, scandalous final visual of cum splattering the folds of these hijabs as the excitement reaches a climax.

Prayer time gets a dirty spin

The hour of prayer has never looked quite like this! In scene three, Vanessa Vox promises her family she’ll observe the prayer tenet as outlined in the holy text. After a bored few seconds of trying, she gives up and returns to the bedroom to dance on her bed. Before long, she’s interrupted by a wide-eyed Donnie Rock, whose raging erection indicates his approval. Later, in scene four, a stepbrother blackmails his stepsister into a handjob by demonstrating its technique when she assumes the praying position. (One wonders if a follow-up entitled Hijab Handjobs can be far behind.)

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