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Five Reasons to Watch ‘My Naughty Stepmom’ (VOD Exclusive)

In scene two of My Naughty Stepmom, Natasha Nice removes her wedding ring and asks her stepson to keep it hidden in his pocket. The message is clear: her commitment to dear ol’ Dad is out the window! And who can blame her when she’s under the same roof as a sexy stepson like this? It’s high time you met My Naughty Stepmom, the new GameLink VOD exclusive. We proudly offer five reasons to watch!

Codey gets interrupted

“It might be a little weird with my stepmom watching.”

“I disagree.”

In scene one, Codey Steele steps into the bathroom to relieve some sexual tension by watching porn on his phone. Unfortunately, he forgets to close the door, so stepmom Jessica Ryan waltzes right in on him. Mortified, Codey assures her that he’ll be more discreet next time. Jessica tells him it’s no problem but then asks if he’s going to finish. He sheepishly admits that he wasn’t going to, not with her in front of him, but now that she’s asked . . .

Since Ryan is in her 30s and still of a feisty, youthful look, she isn’t necessarily the quintessential MILF at first glance. But once you witness the slow-burn lust and desire in her voice and eyes, you’ll be as bewitched as Codey is!

Phone call BJ

Anyone who lived through the 1990s no doubt recalls the seedy stories of Bill Clinton receiving oral sex while simultaneously making phone calls. My Naughty Stepmom creates its own 2020s varnish on this scenario when Natasha Nice gives a BJ to her stepson while he’s on his cellphone. (He’s actually speaking to his stepdad, making the scenario all the more perverse!) This sequence is so darkly amusing that Digital Sin put a clip of it at the very beginning of the movie as a teaser.

“Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you”

Tyler Nixon‘s girlfriend has dumped him, so he’s feeling sad and reflective. (Nobody in porn does the sad puppy-dog look better than Tyler.) His stepmom (Shay Sights) drops by to comfort him, noting that he was much too good for that silly girl anyway. Shifting her tone slightly, she then says, “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you.” It’s good advice for anyone, but particularly so when you have a big-boobed stepmom just down the hall! Perhaps this breakup is a blessing in disguise, as Tyler soon discovers . . .

Jamie Michelle’s revenge plan

Much like Tyler Nixon, Codey Steele finds himself on the wrong end of a breakup. His latest girlfriend has been stolen away from him by a frequent rival. As his stepmom (Jamie Michelle) listens, Codey bemoans his inability to end up on top. When it’s revealed that this same friend also once made a pass at Jamie, she concocts the perfect revenge scheme. She and Codey will hook up, and Codey can gloat about his conquest to the startled friend. (He just can’t let stepdad know about it, Jamie cautions.) It’s said that revenge is a dish best served cold, but in this case, it’s piping hot!

Natasha Nice’s boobs

It probably comes across as a prosaic, almost trite observation, but c’mon, Natasha Nice’s breasts are just a pure joy to behold. Heck, they’re almost an extra cast member in and of themselves! When she pulls those mighty mammaries out of her bra early in her scene, she almost seems to struggle to properly extricate them. But it’s well worth the effort!

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