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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Daughter Swap 10’

When your live-in stepdaughter can’t keep her libido in check, you may be forced to take desperate measures. Perhaps the only way to get her under control is to play your own game of seduction with her? Find out in Daughter Swap 10, the new GameLink VOD exclusive. We proudly present five reasons to watch!

Double couples

Each of the movie’s scenes is a feast for the eyes, even if you’re not a family roleplay buff. The basic concept (stepdads who swap and seduce stepdaughters) leads to not one but two hookups, which mostly play out in parallel in one single shot. This kind of action isn’t easy to perform, shoot, or edit, but Team Skeet pulls it off with remarkable ease! Your attention ping-pongs gloriously between the two couples in a splendid display of porn’s best excesses.

Stolen glances

As their scene reaches its highest pitch, Jenna J. Ross and Kenna James are side by side, bucking passionately on top of their stepdads. Though focused on their own hookups, they steal a glance at one another at one point, as if grinning and saying, “Are we really doing this? Is this reality right now?” It’s an appropriate reminder of the steamy taboo nature of the sequence. Similar small moments of body language, such as two stars locking hands as they give parallel blowjobs, enliven the movie’s later scenes.

The dark turn in scene one

For a few breathless seconds in scene one, the movie turns into a scary home invasion straight out of a bizarre European art film. (Think Funny Games or Them.) To prove a point to their carefree stepdaughters, Johnny Castle and Bobby Beefcakes cover their faces in balaclavas and pretend to kidnap Jenna and Kenna. They break character after just a few minutes, but the jarring shift in tone is one of the movie’s most effective gambits! (Also, Bobby Beefcakes is just a great name, plain and simple.)

Therapy gone bad

“I’m just kind of here to break down any barriers that we have,” Johnny Castle says at the outset of the stepdad/stepdaughter therapy session in scene two. Suffice it to say that every imaginable barrier is demolished by the scene’s end! The therapist prescribes an unusually intimate means of treatment while also remaining on the scene to watch it all. It adds interesting notes of voyeurism and humor to the sequence!

The all-girl mini-movie in scene three

The movie’s third sequence makes a brief but welcome foray into all-girl/lesbian porn! Aliya Brynn and Paisley Bennet find their plans temporarily ruined when their stepdads prevent them from going to the movies with their boyfriends. They’re instead forced to stay home and watch TV with the stepdads themselves, something that reduces them to doldrums of utter boredom. Eager to escape, they prance upstairs to take selfies in the bedroom, which quickly devolves into some lesbian experimentation. When the stepdads crash the party, it’s back to boy/girl madness, but the taste of lesbian excitement is a fun bonus in amongst the family roleplay.

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