Transsexual Mashup 4 porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Transsexual Mashup 4’ (VOD Exclusive)

The term “mashup” may bring to mind images of a shapeless, formless lump, but Transsexual Mashup 4 has style and pop to belie the title. This trans-with-female flick debuts as a GameLink exclusive. We proudly present five reasons to watch!

Transsexual Mashup 4 porn video

Thrills in danger

“I tell you a story about how I almost died last night, and it gives you a boner?” Skylar Snow is astonished to find Lena Moon getting noticeably aroused after she recounts a tale of a high-speed car escapade. At first, Skylar is offended that Lena might find anything sexual in the story, but then she quickly admits she, too, was turned on by it. The pump has been primed for a particularly hot and heavy hookup! (We can’t help but think of David Cronenberg’s Crash, which more pointedly explored the connection between dangerous driving and sex. It also brings to mind the famous “bridge” study that lent insights into the nature of arousal.)

An awesome theme

The “trans with female” or “trans lesbian” genre has expanded in recent years, taking its proper place as one of the go-to trans sub-categories. When the series Transsexual Mashups debuted in 2017, it was probably slightly ahead of the curve in dazzling audiences with the best in trans talent paired with gorgeous cisgendered women. As ever, Gender X creates dynamite scenes with expertly honed casting and scenarios.

Jade Venus

Of all the trans stars I’ve encountered for the first time as part of GameLink blogging in 2021, none has quite captured my attention like Jade Venus. In her bright-eyed embrace of all things naughty and nasty, there’s a whiff of vintage Jenna Haze in her performances. (And as anyone who loves throwback porn can attest, Haze’s energy is not easy to match!)

Girl interrupted

“Have you been jerking off ever since I left?” Masturbation is generally a private activity, relegated to  quiet moments when you’re assured of no interruptions. Much of the cast of Transsexual Mashups 4 has a different attitude, though! They’re only too happy to begin stroking merrily away in the living room or other spots where discovery is likely imminent. Thankfully, the result when this happens is less aghast horror and more “Mind if I join you?” (Indeed, these are literally the words that escape Nicole Aria‘s mouth in scene three.)

Director Jim Powers

At this point, can there be any questioning Jim Powers‘s mastery of the trans genre? From Devil’s Film‘s Transsexual Babysitters series to various notable efforts for Gender X, his trans vids have always been compulsively, collectibly watchable. He’s able to combine a certain intrinsic vulgarity with the class and charm of the featured performers themselves.  By the time Transsexual Mashup 4 has wrapped up, the only remaining question on your mind will be, “When can we expect part five?”

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