Pornstars pose in 'Last Minute Christmas.'

‘Last-Minute Christmas’ Review

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the holidays are the horniest time of the year. The decorations are glimmering, the holiday cheer surfs through society, joyous music echoes through the town, and that step-sister with the big jugs popping out wears a tight outfit to the family gathering, and after maybe four or five too many eggnogs, she starts to lean on you a bit too much. But it’s all in the Christmas spirit! That’s why there’s nothing like a Christmas porno to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas: getting warm and nasty. Last-Minute Christmas is an ode to this sentiment, though we get the bonus of it being all-girl scenes from one of our favorite all-girl studios, Girlsway.

Last Minute Christmas from Girlsway

Lexi Belle and Jenna Sativa

I’ll say the most offensive thing about this film is the implication that Lexi Belle’s character got a good job and bought a house straight out of college. But it’s quickly forgiven when Jenna Sativa, playing a mystical woman Santa Claus, magically appears in her house at night and gives her the Christmas gift of a ghostly pussy feasting. I’ve heard about these encounters before, unsuspecting strangers who are visited by horny ghosts in the night and take them to pleasure town. In other words, it’s a Christmas miracle. It’s a long scene that gets more passionate by the moment, with each participant sucking clit harder and pushing their faces deeper into their partner’s vagina. It’s a nice gesture by Santa Claus, as Lexi’s character is visiting her family the next day and this was probably great stress relief.

Eliza Ibarra and Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright leaves her roommate, Eliza Ibarra, for the weekend to go visit her family for the holidays. Naturally, like any regular person, Eliza Ibarra immediately rips her bottoms off and starts fingering herself on the living room chair. This is the sign of a true pro, when the roommates leave it’s always time to you get your jerk in. You don’t want to wait around all day, you’ve got stuff to do! But, oh no! Whitney Wright walks back in and catches Eliza in the act. Whitney’s flight was canceled, now she’s stuck with Eliza’s wet open vagina all weekend, and to make matters worse, she refuses to put it away! Good thing they’re good friends; a lot of people had their careers destroyed over this same thing!

But Eliza won’t let up, and gets up to masturbate right in Whitney’s face! Eliza propositions her and Whitney says, ‘why not?’ She doesn’t take much convincing and I can’t blame her; when there’s a hot snatch in my face and the woman attached to it is moaning, it’s go time, baby! Needless to say, Eliza’s titty munching skills are too much for Whitney. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she questions why they haven’t been doing this the whole time they lived together. She fires back with some titty licking of her own, and her fingers creep down in-between Eliza’s bush. It’s not long before cheeks get spread and we’re mouth deep in some ass! These two deliver on an excellent Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Who says Last-Minute Christmases can’t be fun? My standard event has already been canceled but Last Minute Christmas has given me hope I can still grab a glass of mediocre whiskey, sit by the fire, and make sweaty, animalistic love to someone.

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