Bratty Student porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘OMG! I Fucked My Bratty Student’ (VOD Exclusive)

Fucking the teacher

The forbidden door; the teacher getting their dong sucked like a hose on a hot day. These guys work all day, teaching the next generation, and they’re underpaid, undersupplied, and underappreciated. The least anyone can do is give them a good fuck for Christ’s sake! It’s what we need as a society for our heroic educators; letting our daughters get at them! Let’s face it, these young but fully grown adult students are just entering the world and yearning to spread their pussy and feel the true pleasure of exploring their sexuality. What better way to do it than with the iron stiff rod of a trusted mentor?

Fucking the student

Think of the flipside, these students are cooped up all day long in class, their bodies ripe as the day is long. They sit, sweat, feeling it drip down into their erogenous zone. The teacher adjusts his glasses but she’s not looking there, she’s staring at the outline of the one-eyed monster bulging from pants. She’s been a bratty student, and the more she mouths off the more this teacher just wants to cram a cock in her. It’s taboo, it’s juicy, and it’s one dirty fantasy.

Coco Lovelock’s sweet snatch

Coco has stunned and thrilled her way up into performance maturity this year; starting as a sweet, tender, petite blonde and turning into a dominant fun-sized hot fuck. While her appearance feigns as innocent, a quick peak down her shirt shows supple breasts, and as she begins to open herself to her teacher we realize she commands devastatingly enticing snatch. All this time she has been the huntress and her prey is a throbbing penis she puts in every part of her body.

Khloe Kapri’s deep and wet throat

You can’t mention any film with Khloe Kapri without mentioning Khloe Kapri’s wet mouth and deep throat because, well, after you’ve seen a dick slide down it it’s impossible to forget. I mean that thing can take a thick rod smoother and deeper than anything I’ve ever seen. Her braces sparkle every time the cock pulls out and the cum and drool spills out of her mouth. It’s all another day at the office for Khloe, who devours until nothing is left.

Angeline Red’s jiggling ass

Call a man one of simple pleasures if you will, but something that will get him every time is a perfectly round, jiggling ass. Angeline’s ass is big, as the pussy underneath it is pounded with ferocity, we are greeted with the kind and hot ripples that surge through with each thrust. The blood rushes to each cheek as the asshole spreads and we the skin turn more and more red. The ass pounds and the schoolgirl skirt falls aside as a gentle reminder that under our societal labels we are all looking for a hot fuck with each other.


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