Confessions of a Sound Girl porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Confessions of a Sound Girl’ (VOD Exclusive)

What do you really see on the set of a hot porn flick? Do sound girls get hot action? According to Confessions of a Sound Girl from JoyBear Pictures, they certainly do!

Confessions of a Sound Girl from Joybear

Leather, tight leather

That’s right! Not just leather, but tight leather. Sometimes when I’m at the garment store I stare at the leather jackets and debate – how would it look on me, how tight should I go? – and I never get one. Well Zara DuRose has the confidence I could never muster and it’s probably because of her fat, smooth titties popping out of the chest hole of her tight leather top! Leather from waist to wrist, bare chest, bare pussy, and a long dick riding in and out!

Girls with tattoos are hotter

Whether you’re hitting it from the back and watching those delightful cheeks jiggle, from the front and seeing those miraculous jugs wobble and whirl, or she’s on top and the titties rain down like two juicy gumdrops, tattoos serve as a sexual bodily enhancement. A simple street walking gal, maybe with a Bachelor’s in psychology, turns into a naughty free-spirit capable of almost anything once ink touches skin. At least that’s what our simple brains tell us. Zara DuRose has tats down both sides of her waist and on her shoulder, Adreena Winters is tatted down her arms, back, and ribs. Every thrust of the penis is reverberated through the tattoo!

Girl/girl action

What would the world be if it were full of dicks? Well, it is, but what would it be if it were only full of dicks? One bland porn movie, I say! That’s why Confessions of a Sound Girl comes complete with not one, but two hot scorching all girl scenes! First, a bombastic threesome between Satine Spark, Lola Marie, and Luna Silver, followed by an intimate pussy fusion between Honour May and Luna Silver. No pussy is left unsatisfied and no face is left without pussy juice on it!

Multiracial melting pot of dicks and pussies

Are you a fan of the BBC? What about a side order of sweet vanilla cane? You don’t have to choose because Zara graciously gets filled by both a huge black cock in one scene and then a throbbing white penis in another. It’s not just penises, though, as Confessions of a Sound Girl features premium black pussy from Lola Marie. No one wants to sit around watching the same thing, that’s why a beautiful mix of multi-racialed sexual depravity will get you coming back again and again.


In a true sign of dedication to variety and giving everyone what they want, Zara ties up a long-haired stud in a dangerous game of pleasure. She’s got a nice little whipping stick for his ass and everything. Then, you know, she dominates him with her pussy. Maybe the only thing hotter than a bondage scene with the woman bonded is a bondage scene with woman in charge. Power is the most erotic tool we have!


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