Ginebra Bellucci still from Stretch My Ass

‘Stretch My Ass’ Movie Review (VOD Exclusive)

Exotic babes from Europe to South America all have one thing in common: exotic asses. I think I speak for all sexually liberated peoples when I say we want to touch them, squeeze them, stick our faces, lips, tongues, noses, and of course, our privates, deep inside them. Stretch My Ass from #LetsDoeIt stars Paola Hard, Ginebra Bellucci, Emily Pink, and Natasha Teen opening their asses and getting them stretched for our viewing pleasure.

Natasha Teen

A busty blonde bombshell with an inquisitive face made for moaning, there’s no questioning the appeal of Natasha Teen. She has no problem initiating and does just that! Her fine ass want’s some action! It’d be easy to get off on this scene in the first two minutes with Natasha shaking her artisanal crafted rump but wait it out! A massive dong stretches her ass to its limits. She takes the drill face down ass up for maximum penetration, then is held tight on top for a deep squeeze inside.

Paola Hard

The hardest thing about Paola Hard is my penis. The second is her ass. That thing looks firm! Which is great for the scene because the impressively thick dick that pushes inside her asshole is firmly gripped. The tight pressure is unbelievable! Paola’s body is so unbelievable there may or may not be some drool on the keyboard. Fat perky tits, thick power hips, and fit all around. She can take a good banging anyway you want to throw it at her, and she does!

Ginebra Bellucci

A dazzling dark-haired beauty, Ginebra Bellucci screams elegance and charm. If there’s one thing men want on their penis, it’s the ass of the woman with elegance and charm. She sports a tantalizing bush, the sign of a sexually mature woman that tells you she’s in control. Ginebra’s anal scene is perhaps the most impressive, not just the size of the dick she takes but just how deep she takes it. She’s a fully realized woman who sucks every last bit of shaft deep into her anal canal. She enjoys every bit of it with an assured smile.

Stretch My Ass final thoughts

There’s no doubt Stretch My Ass will appease any anal sex fans, but what about all the rest? I say, who cares about the rest? This is an ass-lovers club only and I’d like to keep it that way. Stretch My Ass gives us exotic babes all dangerously seductive in their own ways, and it leaves us with lingering visuals of these angels with huge dicks stuck in their asses.

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