Good Mom Bad Mom porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Good Mom, Bad Mom’

Parenting styles vary to such a degree that there’s little consensus what the most valid approach is. You’ll probably agree, though, that the techniques used by the Good Mom, Bad Mom parents are offbeat, to say the least. Girlsway presents three scenes of lesbian fun in the newest GameLink VOD exclusive (through 8/17). We’re pleased to present five reasons to watch!

Good Mom Bad Mom porn video

Marie McCray’s sudden kiss

Stepdaughter Jane Wilde wants a car as a gift from her stepmom (Marie McCray). After being buttered up with kind words, McCray agrees, but with a caveat! Wilde can have some wheels if she aces her report card, but if there are low marks instead, she’ll owe McCray something. Academia’s loss is passion’s gain, because Jane can muster only a D in a key class. Marie is ready to collect! As she scolds Jane for the poor grade, she quickly pounces for a sudden kiss. Although the audience can certainly see where the scene is headed, this jolting moment is still a fun, energetic touch! Indeed, it leads nicely into the next point on this list . . .

Mutual masturbation

McCray’s penalty for the poor report card is sweet, hot lesbian sex! As the sequence reaches its end, McCray and Wilde sit side by side on the couch, vigorously masturbating each other. Wilde’s moans reach a crazed pitch at several points, showing that stepmom definitely hasn’t lost her touch!

The opposing philosophies of Kenzie Taylor and Kit Mercer

Though stepdaughter Lana Sharapova isn’t a blood relative, stepmoms Kenzie Taylor and Kit Mercer take child-raising seriously. But ever since Lana has turned 18, she just hasn’t been staying in line. What to do? Kit favors a “good cop” approach, wherein she sweet-talks Lana into good behavior with the promise of rewards. (True to the provocative spirit of the movie, the reward in this case is a quick lick of Kit’s ample breasts.) The approach fails, though, leaving matters to stern taskmaster Kenzie Taylor. She decides to put Lana over her knee, not realizing that this is de-facto foreplay for an impending lesbian threesome! Ultimately, Kit and Kenzie decide that Lana needs to “burn off some of that excess energy.” Threeway family roleplay sex certainly burns a calorie or two!

Lana’s reaction to being paddled

It’s just a small moment, but it’s so fun that it deserves its own heading! Kenzie Taylor paddles Lana Sharapova for some misbehavior, but poor Kenzie doesn’t realize that only serves to turn Lana on. The camera quickly cuts to Lana’s expression of naughty delight as the slaps land on her booty. It’s a simultaneously erotic and amusing editorial touch!

Parallel passion

In scene three, Jade Baker and Aidra Fox help their stepmothers (Jaclyn Taylor and Chanel Preston) do some spring cleaning. When they unearth an old family history in a dusty box, they realize there may be no family relation linking their two mothers, after all! So, what’s the story behind their unique bond, in that case? They sneak upstairs to see what’s going on between the two. As they crack open the door, they see their stepmothers in a passionate embrace! Sufficiently emboldened, Aidra and Jade decide to do the same. As they move in on each other, the stepmom hookup continues in the background, forming a dual vision of lesbian bliss. And it’s all about to become even better once they all join forces to make it a foursome . . .

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