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Brazzers (And Much More) VOD Sale: Editor’s Pick

In this new GameLink blog series, we highlight a movie we love from the current sale! In this edition, take it back to class with Sexual Education Vol. 9.

Sexual Education Vol. 9

Does anyone do “classic” porn scenarios better than Brazzers? Just when you think you can’t bear the thought of another “naughty teacher” scenario, the company gives it all a renewed vigor once again. The success hinges on excellent cast lists and fun, humorous twists to formulas. Take, for instance, the cover scene, featuring Bridgette B. On the surface, it’s simply a retelling of the “teacher seduces naughty student” scene that’s been a porn staple for 50 years. If you look closer, however, you’ll notice how Brazzers keeps things fresh. For instance, they add a POV twist to the scenario, placing the action directly into the viewpoint of the naughty student. Thus, when Bridgette looms forward, chest bursting out of her low-cut shirt, we’re right in the thick of things. (It’s also a fun comedic touch to see the camera bob up and down in an affirmative nod when Bridgette asks if her cleavage is distracting. Yes, it sure is, Bridgette!) Other sequences find a duo getting busy in the locker room, a flummoxed student (Jessy Jones) trying to cheat on an exam, some POV madness with busty Lucia Fernandez, and more. For once, we totally don’t mind the idea of returning to school!


Furtive sexual encounters form the basis of this wildly entertaining series.

Now is the time to add this all-time classic to your digital collection!

Cassidy Banks steals the show in this fave from MOFOs.

Every sale needs a girl-on-girl classic!


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