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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Cum From Behind’

In the famous battle strategy book The Art of War, Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of surprise. Well, the classic surprise attack, of course, comes from behind! The stars of the latest GameLink VOD exclusive are well schooled in such tactics. (Just look at Kenzie Reeves‘s face on the movie’s cover!) Porn Pros‘ creampie-anal flick Cum From Behind is available now on VOD! Check out five reasons to watch.

Johnny Castle‘s skillful toggling

Research indicates that “multitasking” is likely a myth. Humans are good at switching quickly from task to task, but not at doing two demanding things simultaneously. We’re not sure whether it’s multitasking or switching that Johnny Castle is doing in scene one, but whatever it is, he is damned good at it! With Kenzie Reeves spreading wide and begging for it, Johnny switches back and forth from her ass to her vag, yielding extreme pleasure in both cases.

Oozing, voluminous creampies

A visual of semen oozing out of a performer’s intimate parts is an essential part of any creampie movie. It’s so formulaic at this point that it risks becoming a bit stale, but credit Porn Pros for upping the ante! The creamy goodness in this flick, particularly in scene one, is quite something to behold. If you didn’t know better, you might think Kenzie Reeves is squeezing on a creamy eclair! (And Johnny himself must be quite a robust gent to produce such volume.)

Toys that set the scene

The anal sex present in Cum From Behind is not the gentle, swaying variety of two lovers gently exploring. Nope, it’s full throttle and hardcore, just the way true-blue porn fans like it! Accordingly, the stars need plenty of warmup, which we witness in extended toy/solo scenes. The end effect is to arouse the sense of viewers and performers alike for the true intensity to follow!

Evocative sounds

There are inherent limitations in any video medium. A two-dimensional image with stereo sound can never be entirely lifelike, no matter how great the resolution or how accurate the sound fidelity. Even so, a few excellent sound effects can certainly bring the movie’s theme vividly to life. In scene three, Emma Hix‘s queefing and audibly oozing creampie provide an aural effect you won’t soon forget!

Bella Rose‘s flirtatious laughter

In the movie’s final scene, Johnny Castle returns for some mischief with Bella Rose. He produces a vibrating anal plug, complete with remote control. Bella is initially puzzled by the gadget but agrees to give it a try. Johnny uses his nimble fingers to stimulate Bella’s booty, resulting in a cascade of laughs and giggles. Bella’s flirty, live-life-to-the-fullest manner is the perfect prelude to her anal collision with Johnny!

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