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Five Reasons to Watch ‘A Stepfather’s Desires 5’

Is there anyone hornier than a step-daughter? It seems no matter where these responsible step-fathers end up, there’s a blooming young step-daughter begging for some hot daddy dick. At least that’s how A Stepfather’s Desires 5 from Digital Sin portrays it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s only natural that a provider who puts food on the table and a roof overhead has a desired dong. That’s called security dick and these step-daughters want to feel that security deep in the back of their throat, and filled up inside them.

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Aria Banks’ irresistible aura (pussy)

The innocent-looking girl kink has stood the test of time, but once in a while a talent comes along that embodies everything about it. Call her a girl next door, a hot school-girl, or anything you want, but one look from Aria Banks shoots a man’s penis up and his inhibitions down. There’s a good chance this step-dad only married his wife because he saw Aria was her daughter. For good reason, as he massages her pussy, licks her up and down, and stretches her with his dick in a beautiful display of erotic passion.

Lily Larimar’s desire for dick

Aside from her adorable, perfect-for-banging body, Lily Larimar has a daring attitude. She’s up for anything and quickly lets you know it. There’s no shy, half-assed invitation, she knows what she wants from step-daddy and takes it from him. She lets Pops stick his fingers in her, lick her up, and pound her like a tough piece of meat. She can’t help but radiate joy, and you know this isn’t a one-time thing, she’s coming back for more.

Young vs. old

An older man banging a younger woman is undeniably kinky. Folks can grandstand all they want, but watching the sweet, confident, full-bodied young Kylie Rocket slowly going down on the fat cock of a guy well over twice her age will pitch a tent in your pants. She wants the wisdom of that age transferred into her and I think it’s a great idea. She’s an independent adult who knows what she wants, and that’s called feminism.

Serena Santos’s sweet Latin flavor

I love seeing a thin white girl getting pounded as the next guy, but there’s nothing like a thick, perfectly shaped Latina bouncing her ass on top of a dick. Serena Santos adds some much needed flavor to this collection of scenes, and she’s fucking hot. With a fat ass, huge tits, and adorable face, she gets you hard before her clothes are even off. The old guy who banged her must have a magic dick because he’s one lucky son of a gun.

5 for 5!

As the title suggests, A Stepfather’s Desires 5 is the fifth entry in the series. They must be doing something right, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down any time soon. How many series get past that mark? Fast and Furious? And their fifth one was the best in the series (The Rock debuted)!

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