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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Baddies Vol. 4’

Remember the prison scene in Stir Crazy? Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor are being thrown in the clink. Pryor tells Wilder that they need to show the other prisoners that they can’t be pushed around. To prove this, they begin bobbing their heads and aggressively saying “We bad! That’s right!” Well, what Wilder and Pryor’s characters were faking, the leads of Baddies Vol. 4 do for real. These sexed-up, so-bad babes are the center of attention in the new GameLink VOD exclusive! We proudly offer five reasons to watch.

It’s Blacked, baby

Blacked movies are like pizza or sex . . . you almost never say no when it’s offered, and even when it’s bad, it’s not that bad. Title aside, Baddies Vol. 4, of course, is quite the opposite of bad. The back cover promises “world-rocking performances, sharp storytelling, and unparalleled production values,” and that’s exactly what you get every time you hit “play” on a movie from Blacked, the gold standard for glam interracial porn.

Girls so bad they’re good

Many of us are crippled by our own sexual inhibitions. A desire flashes across our mind, but we push it aside or ignore it. We could never do something that crazy, we say to ourselves. The ladies in Baddies Vol. 4 are well past any such concerns! They own their sexuality with a relish that may well inspire you to do the same. If they want to have an affair, they do it with double the dudes (see Valentina Nappi in scene one). And if they want BBC, they gorge on it until they’ve had their fill.

Valentina Nappi‘s sexy Italian

Unfortunately, I don’t speak even so much as a single syllable of Italian. However, it’s such a lovely, lyrical language on a pure sound level that it’s always fun to listen to. That aural pleasure is elevated to an even higher level when the voice is that of the gorgeous Valentina Nappi. This lovely Italian native offers up some of her dulcet tones in her scene’s voiceover and dialogue. (Wonder what BBC translates to in Italian? Whatever it is, it would likely come in handy during Valentina’s double-BBC sequence.)

Chloe Cherry‘s vocalizations

Speaking of lively vocalizations, Chloe Cherry certainly isn’t short on them! As she dines on big dick in her hard-driving scene, she gasps, moans, squeals, and exhorts with the breathless energy of a radio-play actor. You could probably turn off the picture and still follow the scene beat for beat, as Chloe excitedly voices her approval for massive dick. (The movie’s trailer nicely distills these moments into a fun montage.)

Eliza Ibarra‘s squirting

With partners this well-equipped, it’s no surprise that the juices get flowing in a big way. In scene three, Scarlit Scandal recruits Eliza Ibarra to team up with her on Prince Yahshua. In the heat of the moment, as Eliza bounces up and down on Prince’s dick, she splatters the scene in squirt. It’s yet another viscerally exciting touch in this Blacked masterwork.

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