Scarlit Scandal

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Afro Sensual’

Lead by the ever-talented, and totally ripped, Scarlit Scandal, Afro Sensual comes from NSFW Films and features all black talent, including Lala Ivey, Amari Anne, and Ashley Aleigh. Each girl gets her own scene making joyous, afro sensual love to a well-hung man. (Exclusive through 6/15/21.)

Afro Sensual box cover

Lala Ivey’s divine blowjob

First, Lana Ivey has a body that would make me quit my job. I’d have to stay home all day staring at it just to be sure it was real. Every curve, crevice, and bend works in boner-inducing unison to make a form that looks like it was crafted by the gods. Then it’s also no surprise that her blow job looks like a trip to heaven. Like all the features of a good blessing, it’s wet, slow, and uplifting. She takes her time and savors, providing a powerful mouth massage and making beautiful noise. Who says romance is dead?

Scarlit Scandal sounds off

Not only is Scarlit Scandal shredded like a julienne salad, her sexual passion is powerful to match. She can bend and stretch her legs and pelvis with great flexibility, and used it to every sexual advantage. But perhaps greater than her cum-blasting positions throughout her scene are her powerful screams of pleasure. She glistens and flexes her body as she yells in arousal while getting her insides rearranged by a massive cock! This is what the people paid to see!

Ashley Aleigh’s adorable white knee-high socks

There’s something about a knee-high sock that just gets the arousal juices flowing. Ashley thin and trim bod sport adorable white knee-high socks while she presses her ass down over and over to fill her vagina with a full penis. Like a rocket ship, it blasts off and up into her as we a get a wonderful rear view of her on top and her feet resting on her man’s thighs.

Amari Anne’s beautiful bangs

I’m not just talking about the deep pounding she took on the bed, but her lovely enticing haircut! Her angular bangs only serve to compliment her love-making, as both are innocent and inviting. Letting her man take charge, he rams her from behind while he pulls her head and shoulders back to get more leverage. She likes it, so she alternates between that and giving a tasty blow job. Like the team-player and giver that she is, she takes a massive load in the mouth to close out the scene. Giving never felt so good!

Afro sensuality

Let’s cut right to the chase, afro sensuality is something we all need in our lives. Like music, dancing, and moisturizing, there’s just some things black is better at, and one of those things is sexual passion. Nothing better to get in the mood than a film featuring glowing skin, lusciously built bodies, and gifted genetalia (huge penises).

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