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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Axel Braun’s Down 2 Fuck’ (VOD Exclusive)

Some say that texting has ruined the English language. Have we all LOL’d ourselves into a stupor with goofy abbreviations and emojis? Maybe, but we’d also be without such marvelously crass, useful little phrases like “down 2 fuck.” In a few concise characters, it conveys a spirit of sexual openness that is impossible to resist. Axel Braun’s new Wicked flick draws its title from this expression! We offer five reasons this new GameLink VOD exclusive is definitely one to watch.

Emily Willis + Wicked Pictures

2020 was Emily Willis‘s breakout year, but 2021 is shaping up to be just as incredible! She features here in her first-ever Wicked movie, a notable collision of titanic porn brands if there ever was one. Wearing the shade of red lingerie that she’s made one of her trademarks, Emily settles in for a wild anal pounding underneath the Los Angeles night sky. It seems appropriate that the scene is backed by a fire, as if to accent the elevated temps achieved in the sex itself!

The parallels to Glamcore

Axel Braun knocked our socks off with Glamcore, a movie that mixed salacious sex with the visual style of a fashion magazine. Down 2 Fuck continues largely in that vein, with tease sequences that would make the most attentive of fashion designers proud. If you love a generous dose of glamour to go along with your hardcore fun, you’ll be down with Down 2 Fuck for every single frame.

Axel Braun‘s directorial talents

Axel Braun always displayed a wizardry with expansive (and often expensive) porn spoof like Star Wars XXX and Batman V. Superman XXX. He’s also effortlessly elegant in movie like Down 2 Fuck, which has no need of prior branding or gimmicks to draw you in. He captivates with pure cinematic flair alone! Sure, it helps that he has an exquisitely beautiful cast (including Jane Wilde and more), but he elevates them to an even higher level with his attentive eye.

Seth Gamble‘s performance

Seth Gamble recently signed as a contract star with Gamma, the parent company of Wicked Pictures. He’s already making quite a mark, with the sort of strong, sturdy performances that bring out the best in his co-stars. He contributes another excellent turn in scene one, which finds him paired with Lacy Lennon. “Working with Seth, who is the newest Gamma contract star, is always rigorously passionate, and this scene gives the fans exactly that,” Lennon noted in a recent XBIZ press release on the movie.

Vina Sky‘s squirting

At one point in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth muses, “Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?” Who would have thought diminutive Vina Sky would have so much squirt in her? (We’ll pause while Shakespeare’s ghost winces at that comparison.) She unleashes like a summer fire hydrant in her scene with John Strong, instantly creating one of the movie’s visual highlights.

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