Gag Gift porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘The Gag Gift’

While it may be center on a “gag gift,” the latest movie from Girlsway is no joke! Producer Bree Mills brings us a threesome (of scenes, that is) in an all-girl flick that debuts as the new GameLink VOD exclusive (through 6/4/21). We’re proud to present five reasons to watch.

Toy time with Casey Calvert

The movie nicely dramatizes a central feature of our sexuality. We often approach porn with a glib sense of irony and detachment, but when the bedroom door closes, we embrace it in exactly the manner it was intended to be. (Who can forget The Onion‘s memorable article entitled “Ironic Porn Purchase Leads To Unironic Ejaculation“?) In scene two, Casey Calvert brings Adria Rae the “gag gift” of the movie’s title: a strap-on dildo. She tries to play it off like a joke, but Adria knows better. Casey is truly curious about lesbian exploration, and Adria is happy to help. By the time they’ve finished, they’ve almost forgotten about Adria’s birthday bash!

Adria Rae’s magical fingers

Casey Calvert’s character claims she’s never been with a woman before. Well, if that’s the case, she gets a rollicking introduction to such pleasures from her pal Adria! Adria’s nimble fingers and tongue put Casey through a powerful series of sensations, as a sopping-wet Adria moans in approval. (And this is all before they put the strap-on into use, which should tell you how amazing a scene it really is.) Adria may be the birthday gal, but Casey seems to be on receiving end of the day’s biggest gifts!

The joys of procrastination

Well, of course, we have to start out by saying that procrastination is a terrible habit. However, when your procrastination leads to red-hot sex, well, somehow it seems a good deal less irksome. All three segments here in some way involve someone being late, forgetting an appointment, or in general dawdling in the face of other tasks. Yet it’s this very sloppiness that allows the sex to happen in each case. As Thomas Friedman once said, “Thank you for being late!”

Natasha Nice and the low-cut dress

Sure, we can wax philosophical about the subtexts and subtleties of Gag Gift, but there are more immediate, visceral pleasures to be had, too. Natasha Nice is blessed with some of the most generous, beautiful boobs you’re likely to see. They’re wonderfully on display, thanks to the low-cut top she wears in the early going on her scene. (She plays a marriage counselor who seduces client as a demonstration of how to be sexually assertive.)

A classic brunette/redhead pairing

Scene three features a married couple, played by Penny Pax and Darcie Dolce, who are getting ready to go out. While the scene doesn’t go into great detail about the nature of their relationship, the deft performances by Pax and Dolce convey everything we need to know. We can see both their frustrations in each other and the amazing physical connection that helps keep them together. The immediate visual contrast of red and brown hair also hammers this point home!

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