Black Lesbian Seductions 3 cover

Five Reasons To Watch: Black Lesbian Seductions 3

The runtime

Clocking in at 1hr and 36 minutes, you’ve made the right choice and ordered a ton of hot black lesbian action with Black Lesbians Seductions 3. In other words, you’re getting a good bang for your buck, and that’s the sign of a studio that cares. West Coast Productions knows what the people want, and they give ample screen time to each member of the large cast.

Strong social commentary on consent

Maybe you wouldn’t think a movie called Black Lesbian Seductions 3 would treat the topic of consent with such maturity and aplomb, but you’d be wrong. When Nicole Kitt wakes up naked in Alina Ali’s bed, she asks, “why am I naked? What happened last night?” Alina tells Nicole that he had gotten drunk and wanted to have sex with her. She assures her they didn’t have sex, and that Nicole’s “lesbo card is still very much intact.”

Soon after, in the cruel sobriety of daytime light, they fuck in the shower. Of course Alina wanted to go down on that sweet ass and eat it like groceries, but didn’t do it the night before because Nicole was too intoxicated to make an informed decision. It’s a brief, subtle moment to pick up on, but that’s what makes it so effective – it’s treated as just something you do, it’s not a grand point to be made, it’s just how it should be.

They’re able to portray sex as intensely primal, orgasmic, and wild, while still maintaining a firm line on consent and respect.

September Reign and Sommer Isabella’s kitchen island 69

September Reign and Sommer Isabella make hot lesbian love for a good 30 minutes on top of a beautiful kitchen island. They lick, suck, use toys, and make the best out of a great situation. The highlight, however, is an emotional 69 that has both girls growing louder and more involved in the act. It’s clear they’ve having a ton of fun and have reached the pinnacle of true friendship. Plus, if for some reason you didn’t want Sommer Isabella to sit on your face before, you will after this.

Daya Knight, master asshole eater

One scene has Daya Knight teaching young Hazel Grace the serene and sacred art of lesbianism, and she makes sure they leave no stone unturned. Particularly, there’s a moment where she bends Hazel in half, legs overhead, and devours her asshole like a delicious pretzel. It’s a moment to behold, with drool, tongue penetration, and sucking. If that asshole were a popsicle, there’s be nothing left but the stick.

Daya Knight and Hazel Grace climax

A lot of great moments sprinkle throughout Black Lesbian Seductions 3 but perhaps my favorite is the climax of Daya and Hazel’s scene. Hazel experiences an awesome orgasm wherein her voice becomes more and more strained, begging for more. It’s one of those moments where it’s as if the sex gods possess the body, as she can’t take it anymore and begins to aggressively dig her tongue into Daya’s pussy. Of course, this makes Daya start to cum as well, and before you know it you don’t know whose moans are whose. Are they coming from Hazel, Daya, or you?

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