First Anal Vol. 11 porn video starring Sloan Harper

Five Reasons to Watch ‘First Anal Vol. 11’

Anal is a classic, frequently visited porn theme, so it may seem that there’s no such thing as a fresh new angle on it. Enter Tushy, which is still finding interesting, engaging, and alluring anal scenarios even after six years on the porn scene. First Anal Vol. 11 is the latest GameLink VOD exclusive! We offer five reasons to watch.

Meta references

In scene one, after Sloan Harper recoils at the idea of anal sex with her well-endowed husband (Mick Blue), he shows her some hot anal porn footage as persuasion. Shall it come as any surprise that the movie they watch is on the Tushy website? Tushy movies are truly everywhere, even within a Tushy scene itself.

Sloan Harper’s toy training

As part of her buildup to anal sex with Mick, Sloan Harper receives an anal trainer kit. She’s not sure what it is at first, opening it to the strains of some almost Edwards Scissorhands-style music of magic and mystery. She decides to give one of the plugs a shot, though, and before long she’s vigorously masturbating with a plug buried deep in her booty. Mick walks in behind her to discover this alluring sight . . . and they’re off to the (anal) races!

Moment of anal penetration

As suits the overall theme of the movie, the moment of initial anal penetration is given plenty of emphasis and grandeur. The shots are wickedly explicit and surprisingly raw, too . . . Tushy is a glam brand, but it doesn’t compromise when showing a hardcore moment in its full, unrefined glory. There’s also a fun spontaneous moment in scene two when Jezabel Vessir begins to slip Markus Dupree‘s dick into her booty but falters slightly on the attempt, generating levity to go along with the passion.

Zoe Clark‘s power games with Jean Valjean

Zoe Clark has a meek, sweet countenance, like a girl at the dance longingly awaiting someone to ask her out onto the floor. That’s why it’s so fun to see her switch into revenge mode when she hears her friend seduced handsome tutor Jean Valjean behind her back. During a private lesson, she assertively barks at Jean that she’ll ruin his good name forever if he doesn’t give her exactly what he gave her friend. It turns out that what her friend got was anal sex, and Zoe has just bargained her way into the same! Jean is very strong in the scene, too, looking so dreamily handsome he might make you reconsider where you fall on the good ol’ Kinsey scale.

The “reality show” in scene four

Zoe Sparx‘s character is not the sort of girl you’d want to meet your boyfriend in a club. By her own admission, she seduces any attractive man that comes her way, whether he’s already spoken for or not! This habit sets off a bizarre chain of events: she is caught on cam having sex with someone’s boyfriend, the video ends up on the internet, and she receives an offer to appear on a reality TV show as a result. (Our heads are spinning computing all that, too!) Attention-loving Zoe is delighted at the opportunity, but she’ll need to have sex with the casting director (Manuel Ferrara) first. Does this faze her? Nope! In fact, she admits she was planning on seducing him all along. (That’s the true Tushy spirit!)

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