Mom's Anal Orgasms porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Mom’s Anal Orgasms’

Just as an anal orgasm features an intensity that a regular orgasm can’t match, so, too, does Mom’s Anal Orgasms pack a punch that many other new releases don’t. That’s why we’re pleased to see it debut as a GameLink VOD exclusive (through 3/23/21)! Here are five reasons to watch.

Tonal balance

The movie combines four scenes that ultimately become yin to the other’s yang. Scenes one and three function almost entirely without dialogue, allowing the setup to play out through mood, gesture, and suggestion. Scenes two and four, meanwhile, have lighter, more comedic plot segments as a change of pace (Danny Mountain welcoming guest Anissa Kate to his home and Cory Chase spying on her daughter’s boyfriend).

Anissa Kate in a non-Dorcel role

We’re so accustomed to seeing Anissa Kate in her roles for Marc Dorcel, it’s a fun changeup to catch her in a scenario for another studio. Dorcel movies tend to be sensual and serious in tone, which fits Kate’s skills quite well, but she also has a lighter side. Her scene with Danny Mountain contains numerous humorous moments, such as when she shamelessly tosses a dildo onto the bed, much to the astonishment of Danny.

Scene two’s cumshot

A traditional scene isn’t properly over without a cumshot, after all! When the scene nears its end, Anissa Kate locks eyes with Danny and exhorts him to cum all over her. As he builds to his climax, Anissa bounces between French and English as she ramps up to an aural climax of her own.


The movie is not entirely what you might expect. Sure, family roleplay is a fun genre, but the umpteenth incarnation of the the ol’ stepmom-and-stepson scenario can wear thin. Although the movie’s title instantly made me think that it might be a familiar variation on “young stud surprises stepmom with crazy-good sex,” Pure Passion doesn’t go the easy route. Instead, they allow performer chemistry and the anal theme to carry most of the load, which just makes everything all the hotter.

Reverse cowgirl for the win

Porn movies are loaded with the reverse-cowgirl position, mostly because it’s one of the best ways to capture penetration on camera. (Standard missionary, as classic an element of the sexual repertoire as it is, just doesn’t cut it in this regard.) It’s a particularly spectacular way to witness anal sex, and Pure Passion has captured some remarkably vivid, explicit such shots in Mom’s Anal Orgasms.

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