Luxure: My Wife's Perversions porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Luxure: My Wife’s Perversions’

If there’s one person in the world that you know to their very core, it’s your wife. After all, you’ve probably spent years or even decades in constant contact with her, learning her every quirk and foible. Even so, there may be a secret perversion lurking beneath the surface of that familiar fa├žade! Luxure: My Wife’s Perversions, the new GameLink VOD exclusive (through 3/15/21), brings us five wives who are ready to let loose with their group-sex kink! Here are five reasons that it should be one of your week’s must-watch selections.

The title sequence

Marc Dorcel quickly gets you into the mood of the piece with a simple but striking title scene: a shot of Tiffany Leiddi‘s face as she’s made love to by her unseen husband. It’s sexy without giving away all the details too quickly, making the audience intrigued for the action to follow.

Clea Gaultier’s gambling-themed scene

What do you do when the chips are down and your wife becomes the wager at a suddenly high-stakes card game? You embrace your naughty side and let the game play out, knowing that the payload will be pure pleasure, no matter what happens. In scene two, Clea teases and pleases three cardplayers (including her husband) until the entire game devolves into a blowjob-heavy foursome. Things gets wonderfully messy at the end, as Clea hungrily absorbs three loads.

The JOI-style mini-monologue

In scene three, as Megane Lopez tells Tiffany Leiddi about the open nature of her relationship with her husband (Ricky Mancini), she invites him to pull out his rapidly thickening dick and stroke it for them. The movie momentarily takes on the feel of a jerk-off instruction vignette, as Megane tells Ricky exactly what he should do to pleasure himself.

The moment when Megane Lopez takes charge

Speaking of instructions . . . Megane could probably consider moonlighting as a drill instructor, because she is very good at getting people to do what she wants. As the scene mentioned above continues, she orders Ricky to walk over to Tiffany and slip his penis into her mouth. Tiffany, wine glass in hand, pauses to consider this saucy development, but Megane doesn’t stand for hesitation. She seizes control, insisting that everyone will do exactly as she says . . . .and they sure do, to the delight of all participants.

Blunt dialogue

“Can I suck them off?” “Of course you can, my angel.”

The dialogue is mostly kept to a minimum in Luxure: My Wife’s Perversions, but the exchanges that do occur have a terse, blunt quality to them, as if to mirror the flinty sexuality of the characters involved. Don’t miss the movie’s final scene, which opens with a shockingly stark phone call that finds Mailyne flatly admitting to her husband (Joss Lescaf) that she’s about to take on two other guys at once. (Naturally, Joss’s only objection is that he won’t be there to join in, but Mailyne obligingly lets him watch on video chat.)

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