Our First BBC Party porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Our First BBC Party’

Throwing a good party is an art. You need the right setting, the right music, a fun theme, and a killer guest list. When it all comes together, it makes for a night no one will ever forget! The cast of Our First BBC Party has discovered that there’s a shortcut to the perfect party: dump all the expensive trimmings and focus on sweet, hot sex, all night long. Check out five reasons to watch — or should we say “attend”? — this new VOD exclusive!

It’s a group thing

Threesome and foursomes constitute the entire lineup of BBC Party, meaning the amount of pure sex per square inch far outstrips the more modest ambitions of your average porn movie. Boy/girl/girl, boy/boy/girl, and more — it’s all here!

It gets down to business

For good or for ill, many porn movies have a windup to the actual sex scene. Maybe there’s a sliver of plot, whether it’s serious or comically over the top, or perhaps there’s a Playboy-style tease sequence. Our First BBC Party doesn’t muck around with such gratuitous trappings. Instead, it zips straight into the sex!

The shower scene

No, no, we’re not talking about the shower scene that finds Janet Leigh making the unexpected acquaintance Norman Bates’s mother! That’s an entirely different variety of cult flick. In this case, it’s a question of a shower threesome with Alix Lovell, who is surrounded by so much huge dick, she never even bothers to actually turn on the shower. Instead, they find a much more creative, passionate way to steam up the room . . .

Hey, hey, it’s Sarah Jay

Sarah Jay‘s résumé is impressive and, much like the pornstar endowments featured in this move, very, very long. She’s done everything from conventional feature roles to the notorious #TeamBJ stunt (which, in case you didn’t know, involved performing oral sex on any social-media follower who was interested). While Our First BBC Party was probably just a stroll in the park for this veteran star, she once again seems to be reveling in every minute of it. The fact that she can still bring forth that same intense professionalism is a further testament to her durability as a star.

Joslyn James & Dee Williams in the saddle

Put Joslyn and Dee together, and they know how to take over a scene! Although their handsome co-star is certainly a performer of intimidating dimensions, Joslyn and Dee corral him with the skill of two veteran cowpokes spending another day on the range. Just watch as Dee plants her ample booty on his face while Joslyn rides his big dick!


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