Cherry's Anal Beauties porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Cherry’s Anal Beauties’

Anal. Even as it’s become a more and more common theme in pornography, it still has a show-stopping power that’s hard to beat. Serbian star Cherry Kiss takes on roles both behind and in front of the camera for the latest Evil Angel anal showpiece, Cherry’s Anal Beauties. It debuts as a GameLink porn video exclusive (through 2/10/21)! Check out our rundown of five reasons to watch.

It’s Cherry Kiss’s directorial debut

As a performer, Cherry Kiss has always been someone who really, well . . . pops, if you’ll forgive the expression! She’s starred in many bestsellers for Marc Dorcel, Evil Angel, and others, but she’s never stepped behind the camera . . . until now! Having watched her debut, we have to wonder what took her so long. Other stars might start out quietly with a simple, prosaic B/G scene, but not Cherry! She jumps straight into the deep end of the pool with this flamboyantly insane anal extravaganza. Not content simply to stare through her viewfinder and yell “action,” Kiss also joins in on the fun at several points, in general functioning as a sort of moderator and host. It’s in the gonzo vein of Evil Angel classics, with Cherry’s own twist. (Oh, these Cherry puns just write themselves, don’t they?)

Holes get stuffed . . . big time

If you’re timid and squeamish, Cherry’s Anal Beauties may not be the movie for you! But if you like your porn to embrace its primary theme to the nth degree, it’s can’t-miss entertainment. All orifices in the movie are stuffed to a degree that is positively dizzying. Toys, enormous dicks, hands . . . it’s all goin’ in there, sometimes simultaneously. Frankly, the movie is a remarkable testament to the flexibility and durability of the human body!

The sense of camaraderie

Sure, Cherry is stuffing her cast’s holes like an industrious plumber plugging leaks, but that doesn’t mean she thinks of her performers as mere props. Far from it, in fact, as evidenced by the surprisingly sweet affection and camaraderie they share during some of the interview segments. Just look at the way Tiffany Tatum hugs Cherry when the latter reveals that one of her greatest fantasies (an orgy) is about to be fulfilled. Sex is about connection and intimacy, a factor that Cherry’s Anal Beauties never loses sight of, even amidst all the mayhem.

The lie detector sequence

Yes, you read that correctly! There’s a lie detector in one scene of the movie, although the specific nature of its mechanism remains opaque. (How exactly does a lie detector work when it’s not directly monitoring the biometric functions of its subject? Never mind, though! We’ll go with it!) As Cherry quizzes some of the movie’s stars on their sexual histories and preferences, a loud buzzing noise signals untruthful answers. It’s all in good fun, of course, and nicely sets up scenes in which the true wildest fantasies of the stars are brought to glorious life.

Evil Angel “X-factors”

Though the movie is Cherry Kiss’s vision through and through, Evil Angel is always able to provide supporting X-factors that give the movie extra distinction. We’re continually blown away by the marvelous intricacy of the blurb text they generate for the back covers. We’re not sure there’s such a thing as eloquent vulgarity, but if there is, Evil Angel’s copywriters are the Shakespeares of the idiom. “Cherry licks Angelika’s semen-creamed crack clean” is an oddly lyrical phrase that’s difficult to cast out of your mind once you’ve read it!



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