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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Dark Encounters’

In his 1977 sci-fi hit, Steven Spielberg famously chronicled “close encounters of the third kind”: a sighting of an alien entity. It was a visually spectacular movie that put a new spin on the genre. Spizoo is now primed to chronicle encounters of a different sort in the company’s new movie, the interracial flick Dark Encounters, and while it is firmly terrestrial in nature, it promises to be no less spectacular. Check out five reasons to watch!

Cherie DeVille‘s naughty monologue

Cherie DeVille possesses many traits that can arouse and stimulate your senses, from her expressive eyes to her amazing curves to her lovely blond locks. One underrated part of her appeal, though, may be her sensual voice! In scene two, she uses it the way a fine violinist uses a Stradivarius, setting up the primary action with a salty monologue of dirty talk.

The split

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine doing a split in even the most forgiving of circumstances. Even if I had a personal trainer and six months to work up to it, any attempt at a split on my part would probably look like Walter Matthau’s try in an old comedy movie. Cherie DeVille is much fitter and much more adventurous than most of us, though! She not only does a split in Dark Encounters, she does it on the top of her scene partner’s mouth as he’s performing oral sex. Cherie, the Olympics are coming up, and we think you still have a shot at a gold!

Becky Bandini & Valentina Nappi: together

Becky Bandini and Valentina Nappi are both busty brunettes, but the resemblance largely ends there. Becky has the down-home charm of a Southern beauty, while Valentina projects cool, smooth European sophistication. They don’t necessarily seem like they’d be a great team in a threesome together, but the movie proves emphatically otherwise! They’re with each other at every turn, enhancing the pleasure of themselves and their scene partner.

The stripper pole

Stripper poles have made plenty of appearances in porn movies over the years, but credit Spizoo for coming up with a very creative reason to include one in scene four. Maya Bijou‘s pole is unsafe, so she’s called in a stripper-pole repairman to take a look. (If such a job actually exists, we’d love to see a documentary about a day in that particular trade!) He chides her for her unsafe equipment and she responds in kind by scolding him for taking so long. Eventually, they begin to see eye to eye (or, dare we say, crotch to crotch?), all while the tawdry strip-club lighting flashes over their bodies. Goofy humor, fun atmosphere, and hot sex? We’ll take it!

A family roleplay “cameo”

Family roleplay (aka fauxcest) certainly isn’t the primary theme in Dark Encounters, but it makes a fun walk-on appearance in scene three, when a pair of gabby best friends realize that one of them has been dating the other’s stepbrother without even realizing it! When he shows up, he laughs uncontrollably at the bizarre coincidence . . . and then they have a threesome, of course, because, c’mon, that’s what you do!

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