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GameLink Star Picks: Alexis Texas

If booty is beauty, Alexis Texas is about as gorgeous as they come. Check out some spotlight scenes from this longtime fave and award winner! All three of these movies are also available on GameLink Unlimited (membership)!

Scene four from True Erotica

Alexis Texas stars in True Erotica.

This sumptuous lesbian scene seems like a detail-rich erotic novelette brought vividly to life. Alexis and co-star Jenna Sativa click from the very first moments, and it’s all captured with expert flair by director Holly Randall. While the scene is mostly mainstream in its taste, it also catches a few fetishes, including lingerie and footplay (Jenna gives Alexis’s feet plenty of attention in the foreplay sequences).

Scene starts at time code 1:08:42

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Scene one from Registered Nurse #3

Alexis Texas stars in Registered Nurse 3.

Evan Stone plays a doctor who finds himself distracted by Alexis’s persuasive charms. And in that fetching old-school nurse outfit, can you really blame him? Texas teases him with some masturbation and long, lingering looks at her booty before Stone finally loses all discipline and pounces on her. A full 30 minutes of Alexis Texas goodness! (Stone is in fine form here, too, and surprisingly convincing in the plot portions where he has to deliver medical dialogue.)

Starts at time code 00:03:21

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Scene two from Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 3

Alexis Texas stars in Swallow My Sperm POV 3.

The cover puts the famous Texas rump right where it belongs — front and center! Booties get swallowed up by the movie’s primary theme of mouth-filling cumshots, another genre Texas definitely excels in. The POV perspective also puts you about as close to Alexis as a porn movie possibly could!

Scene starts at timecode 00:29:00

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