Scarlit Scandal pornstar

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Petite Black 7’

Height, they say, is almost entirely heritable. Whether you sprout to an imposing six feet or max out at under five feet, it’s probably largely a result of your genetics. That said, the diminutive among us are often genetically gifted in other ways! Take the cast of Petite Black 7, the newest GameLink VOD exclusive (through 12/29/20). They’re all topping out at a height barely tall enough to surpass the rider restrictions of a roller coaster, yet they’re primed to take you for a thrill ride of an entirely different kind. Check out five reasons to watch this terrific new release from Crave Media.

Blowjob mania

The blowjob segment is baked into the DNA of almost every porn scene at this point, making it almost rote in some cases. Not so in this instance, though, thanks to the hardcore oral-sex skills of the four stars featured. Heck, you could probably end all four scenes at the blowjob and this movie would still be a fully satisfying porn-watching experience!

Illuminating interview segments

Here at GameLink, we see a lot of pornography. It’s our day-in and day-out profession, and while sex is fun, of course, sometimes it can get wearying to see a constant onslaught of pounding flesh. That’s why we always welcome a movie the intersperses plenty of interview footage to cue up the action itself. It’s fun to get a feel for the personalities of the four ladies here, who show a more relaxed, amiable side before stripping down to free their sexual beast within.

Split-screen shots

Split-screen photography is sometimes thought of as a relic of 1960s cinemas (think those goofy comedies you sometimes catch a glimpse of on cable TV), but it can be an effective filmmaking tool if properly applied. In porn, it has some particularly relevant applications in viewing hot moments from multiple vantage points. Petite Black 7 skillfully employs split-screen shots at several key moments, while also having the good sense not to overuse the effect.

Ryan Mclane in scene four

The focus in this movie is squarely on the ladies, of course, but we always like to give a little shout-out to some of our favorite male performers. Ryan Mclane always brings his best to every scene, while graciously ceding the primary spotlight to his co-star. He clicks with scene partner Scarlit Scandal, whose scene at the movie’s end is perhaps the most memorable of the entire flick.

Lasses in glasses

Well, make that singular “lass” in glasses, but it still applies! Scarlit Scandal takes on a sweet, almost innocent look by sporting some fun specs in the early going of the movie’s aforementioned final scene. It’s a small touch, of course, and she removes them once the action begins, but it provides the sort of personality that enhances a porn scene into something even more memorable.

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