DP Masters 7 porn video

Five Reasons to Watch ‘DP Masters 7’

Jules Jordan Video knows when it has hit upon something good. That’s why the DP Masters series has expanded into one of the company’s most popular lines, which now continues with a seventh installment! We offer five reasons it’s a must for your week’s lineup of porn viewing.

A great theme, explored in depth

And we mean “in depth” in the most literal sense of the term. Double penetration is almost Olympic in its demands on the performers . . . but the yield is an abundance of pure pleasure for the viewer and participants alike! While you might wince to imagine orifices doubly engaged at the torrid pace presented here, the cast Jules Jordan has assembled revels in every second of it. Like a wide receiver high-tailing it for the end zone to collect the game-winning score, this double penetration goes deep and long.

Adriana Chechik for the win!

For a performer as bold as Adriana Chechik, a DP is just another walk in the park! That doesn’t diminish the enjoyability of it, of course. Even though Adriana is a veteran of “extreme penetration” scenes at this point, she performs each one as if it’s the very first go ’round, giving the action an extra oomph. “Mmmm, I love it!” Adriana burbles at the end of the scene, and so, too, will you!

The tease scenes

Naturally, the double penetration itself steals the limelight, but can we take a moment to salute the Jules Jordan Video tease sequences? For as much as the brand has become legendary for its ultra-explicit themes, the company is equally adept at the softer, Playboy-esque nudity. It’s sexy, elegantly photographed, and expertly paced. It provides the perfect lead-in to the hard-driving stuff that follows.

A “White”-out

It’s a testament to Angela White‘s professionalism that she can own a movie with a performance that blows everyone else out of the water . . . and then she can turn around and give a supporting turn that fits neatly into a broader whole. (This is a movie where other things also fit neatly into a broader hole, so to speak, but never mind.) That’s the case here, where she’s just one of numerous participants but contributes her usual memorable performance. She stars as a woman who needs two muscle-bound gents to help her move a heavy piece of furniture, but it takes a hardcore turn that is as far afield from the famous “pivot” Friends couch-moving scene as it is possible to imagine.

Jules: the man, the legend

Jules Jordan himself is present in every movie his company releases, of course, if only in spirit. But it’s fun to see the efforts that he himself directs and stars in, such as this one!  Because really, who could resist DP madness like this? Jules Jordan, the porn fans of the world salute and envy you.


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