Biographical Sketch: Liya Silver

Liya Silver freely admits she’s still working on her English, but some things transcend language and international borders. Namely, sex appeal, and Liya has that in spades!

Silver was born just before the turn of the millennium in St. Petersburg, Russia, but she grew up mostly in Kyrgyzstan. Her pivot into the world of porn came in the wake of a bad breakup. “I was disappointed. It was a really boring life. I wanted action. Also I wanted PR, so that people talk about me. I always loved men’s attention,” Silver told AVN in a 2020 profile. “I like a lot in my work — traveling, sex, money, the emotions that I get, and making new friends.”

Many of Silver’s most notable performances have come in movies for studios from the Vixen Media Group and from Europe’s famous Marc Dorcel. She made history in 2020 when she won the first-ever Best New Foreign Starlet at the AVN Awards.

And what about Liya’s preferences and likes? Well, for one thing, size isn’t the end-all, be-all. “For me, size is not important. Energy is more important,” she said in a 2019 YouTube interview with Rocco Siffredi. (That said, Silver has certainly shown the ability to roll with some of the industry’s most well-endowed stars!) She also told Siffredi that she particularly enjoys BDSM. Overall, she’s also shown her capacity for thrill-seeking in contexts aside from porn, too, as when she decided to try skydiving! (The exciting event was documented in a brief YouTube video.)

“When I have free time I like to take horseback riding, skiing, arrange some kind of creative shooting, I like to get out of town,” Liya told AVN. “I go to the cinema for different genres. I love comedies, thrillers, melodramas. I never watch horrors and dramas because I am very impressive.”

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