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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Luxure: My Wife’s Vices’

Is infidelity virtue or vice? In the conventional viewpoint, infidelity is frowned upon, but in the wonderful world of Marc Dorcel, it is celebrated, encouraged, and reveled in. Luxure: My Wife’s Vices brings you five scenes of wife-sharing from one of Europe’s best and most established brands. We offer five reasons you should watch this latest GameLink VOD exclusive (through 12/8/20)!

The kick of a vice

There’s an undoubted thrill to doing something you’re supposed to. Most of us are well-behaved citizens, though, who don’t want to violate any of the social mores that bind our society together. That’s why it’s fun to see the vice of infidelity dramatized in the “safe space” of a classy porn movie like this one. You can enjoy it all at a remove, with the infidelity disappearing as soon as the movie ends.


When you think about it, the concept of sexy, expensive lingerie is a little strange. Why spend all that money on something that is destined to be removed in relatively short order? After all, it almost inevitably ends up crumpled on the floor once the foreplay is over and the real action begins. Marc Dorcel movies such as My Wife’s Vices manage to incorporate the lingerie more fully into the scenes, however, with stockings and cutaway bras remaining fully in place as the stars get busy.

Anissa Kate and Anna Polina: together again

Some co-stars are so good together that they become a defining duo of their era. Think Robert Redford and Paul Newman as Butch and Sundance, for example! Anna Polina and Anissa Kate are Europe’s answer to the wild-west outlaws in terms of dynamic interpersonal chemistry. These two stars — both closely associated with everything the Dorcel brand represents — are paired up again in scene one, where they take on some succulent BBC. Even Butch and Sundance never had to handle firearms with this kind of stopping power!

Multiple versions to choose from

As most fans know, Marc Dorcel movies are shot in French and then revamped with dubbing and narration for English-language versions. It would be very easy for Dorcel to simply drop the original French version completely when it came to stateside distribution, but instead, they almost always offers both versions (and even Spanish-language incarnations as well). Each variant offers its own pleasures: the French version offers a more visceral experiecen, even for those who do not speak the language, since were are able to hear the actual original tonalities of the actors in question. The dubbed versions offer a more streamlined experience for English-only viewers, while also providing the quirky side benefit of that oddly appealing aesthetic quality that such dubs invariably engender.

Voyeurism, BDSM, and kink

Details count, particularly in a movie with the elegant artistry of Dorcel’s My Wife’s Vices. While the overall theme is wife-sharing and infidelity, the movie also namechecks some other memorable themes, including voyeurism (several shots photographed to appear as they are part of security camera footage) and BDSM (some judicious use of ball gags and other bondage gear in an early scene).

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