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Pornstar Kit Mercer: Biographical Sketch

In some ways, Kit Mercer is of an analytical frame of mind. She didn’t dive into porn without doing a great deal of thought about it, supported by a range of research. This isn’t a star who shot her first scene on a whim and then was swept up in the whirlwind of porn stardom. In a way, this calculated manner of approaching things fits with Mercer’s maturity, since she joined the industry when she was well into her 30s.

By the point she was considering a jump to outright porn, Mercer had already established herself as a top-tier cam performer. She did worry about the possible downsides of a career in porn: “The biggest con was the social stigma,” she told Adult Empire in 2020. After thoroughly researching the possible pivot to porn, she found an agent after visiting the AVN Expo, and her first bookings soon followed. As Mercer was older than most stars are when she joined the industry, she almost instantly found herself in MILF roles. Notably, her first scene booked through an agent was Soccer Mom Orgy, a rollicking start if there ever was one.

“Showing up to set that day, I was filled with nervousness and excitement knowing I would be working with some of my favorite adult performers. But there was no time for timidity; it was show time and, after all, I was prepared,” Kit wrote in a piece published in one of the industry trade journals.

Indeed she was, and it showed! Mercer has excelled in roles of all types, with a maturity of style that has led many co-stars to believe that she’s been in the industry much longer than she actually has been. She’s also shown a keen eye for the business side of the industry. “Being the CEO of your own business is super empowering,” she told Adult Empire.

Kit counts Game of Thrones as one of her top binge-watch picks, and she considers Adam Driver (of Star Wars fame) to be her celebrity crush.

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