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Five Reasons to Watch ‘If It Feels Good’

Harder . . . faster . . . Deeper! You know you’re in for a wild, mind-twisting ride whenever you see the word “Deeper” atop a porn movie’s cover. The company’s latest collection of hardcore vignettes, If It Feels Good, debuts on GameLink as a porn video exclusive. Check out five reasons we think you should check it out!

Adria Rae is the director

For the most part, the Deeper label has an auteur feel to it, since it was created by Kayden Kross, who has also written and directed the vast majority of its movies. This time, though, she’s let popular star Adria Rae take the reins. It’s fun to see the usual Deeper aesthetic in the hands of a new director, who puts a fresh spin on its themes.

Deeper always does something different

“I heard a saying once. Eve didn’t want the apple for the apple’s sake. She wanted it because it was forbidden.” The Deeper brand has always understood that human sexuality is very complicated . . . and often very, very dark. It’s not afraid to embrace this shadowy side of our most primal urges, as the characters in If It Feels Good demonstrate. Indeed, they follow the directives of the movie’s title, pursuing pleasure even when it might involve some surprisingly subversive acts!

The threesome

As many hardcore fans know, Deeper is a sibling brand to Blacked, a popular and well-established label dedicated to glam interracial porn. If It Feels Good features an interracial threesome that comes across as a strong thematic echo of the Blacked brand. Indeed, fans of both studios will find much to enjoy in this threesome featuring Rob Piper XXX, Adria Rae, and Alina Lopez.

Kristen Scott’s reaction in scene one

When a performer is left shivering like a bowl of jelly that’s sitting on a kitchen countertop, you know something really intense just went down. We hate to spoil too much about the scene, except to say it involves a woman experiencing a dominant lover, but suffice it to say that it leaves Kristen Scott in a heap by the end of it, as she trembles like a leaf in the wind at the pure pleasure of it all. (The movie itself might leave you in a similar state, too!)

Smokin’ sexy girls (literally)

First of all, we have to put on our surgeon general’s hat and say that, of course, smoking is not a habit anyone should be taking up. We’re happy to leave it as a trait that resides solely in the movies. Public service announcement and health concerns aside, the act of smoking is a tremendously cinematic visual, particularly when the person in question is a beautiful woman. (Just go back and watch Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct if you don’t believe us.) For a brief stretch of If It Feels Good, Adria Rae and Alina Lopez find themselves chatting and puffing away. It’s only a few minutes of the scene, and it’s not the most explicit portion by any stretch, but it does reinforce the notion that Deeper is able to find eroticism in even the most commonplace of moments in its movies.

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