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Five Reasons to Watch ‘Daddy Complex’ (VOD Exclusive)

According to Sigmund Freud, men are jealous of their fathers because they secretly want to sleep with their own mothers. Freud’s one-time collaborator, Carl Jung, offered the corollary idea that women feel the need to compete against their mothers for the attention of their fathers. Plenty of ink has been spilled over the years about these startling theories, but their shocking, taboo-breaching nature has made them irresistible fodder for pornography. The latest Freudian fuckfest comes from our friends over at NSFW Films! We offer five reasons you should check out this new VOD exclusive: Daddy Complex!

“Classic” Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean has never been anything less than a wonderful, watchable star, but she opened up a new era in her career when she decided to enhance her chest. Some fans were delighted, while others weren’t, but we at GameLink are loving the new look. (Unlike many stars, Jean did not opt for a ridiculously out-of-proportion chest, choosing instead for a much subtler enhancement.) This particular scene, however, was shot last year, prior to Elsa’s new look, so it gives fans a chance to savor “classic Elsa.” (And she doesn’t go by “Elsa fucks old men Jean” on Twitter for nothing!)

The taboo theme

If you watch a great deal of porn, sometimes you lose that sense of thrill and excitement when you press “play” on a new scene. After all, there are only so many themes and scenarios that you can display in a porn movie. That why it’s fun when a movie pushes the envelope with a theme that still has that kick of a vice: the twisted concept of women with complicated “daddy issues” certainly qualifies in that regard. Go ahead and check it out . . . you’re in a judgment-free zone here at GameLink!

Kiara Cole’s cumshot

Kiara Cole’s upper chest features a large floral pattern, on the left side right about her breasts. When her scene’s “daddy” takes things across the finish line, the tattoo functions as a veritable bull’s-eye for target practice as he blasts his load all over her chest.

The male talent

The “daddy” theme of the title might lead you to assume that the male co-stars in the movie will mostly be from the industry’s more mature ranks. Steve Holmes and Steven St. Croix come to mind as go-to picks for hot, horny older men. Interestingly, though, NSFW opts for a different approach, with a younger range of dudes in the “daddy” roles, including Tyler Nixon and others. It plays slightly against your intuitions about how the scenes will play out, but somehow, it gels nicely. It also means the movie will appeal to fans outside the traditional strictures of the family roleplay genre.

Natalia: “Queen” of BJs

There’s only one thing better than Natalia Queen in a skimpy top that conspicuously fails to cover her chest (exactly the outfit she wears in this scene): Natalia Queen sucking dick like a vacuum cleaner that has suddenly been charged with a double dose of power. She’s given an ample endowment to play with here, courtesy her scene’s “daddy,” and she doesn’t waste the opportunity!

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