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‘Won’t Mom Hear Us!?’: POV Madness from My Pervy Family

Won't Mom Hear Us!? from My Pervy Family

Won’t Mom Hear Us!? is available free to GameLink Unlimited members.

Origins/background: The logo for My Pervy Family tells you everything you need to know! A stick figure family appears: mom, dad, brother, and sister, just like you’d see on a bumper sticker found plastered on the back of a suburban mini-van. Things take a perverse turn when the daughter and son swap places and hop into bed with the parents. This conveys the spirit of My Pervy Family: shocking taboo hookups between parents and their stepchildren, all done with an off-kilter sense of humor.

Scene setup: Kenzie Reeves has been suspended! Not only does her frustrated stepdad have to pick her up from school, he also has to endure an embarrassing meeting with the principal. It transpires that Kenzie has been sneaking behind the bleachers to have sex with her boyfriend. Stepdad makes her go into awkward detail about her escapades, much to Kenzie’s horror, before threatening to tell Mom what she’s been up to. After spying on Kenzie masturbating, the stepfather says he’ll keep Kenzie’s school trouble secret from Mom if Kenzie agrees to have a little naughty fun with him.

Cast: Kenzie Reeves takes center stage in the stepdaughter role. As a performer, Reeves is no stranger to perverse family encounters, thanks to parts in movies by Manipulative Media and Taboo Heat. (She is also versatile enough to move seamlessly into more glamorous roles, such as in Tushy‘s First Anal Vol. 6.) Levi Cash plays the role of the stepfather, though his face is not seen since the sequence is shot in POV style.

Quotable: “Mom’s in the other room.”

“She just started watching her show, and you know how she gets when she watches her show . . . just let me play with you. Show me what you did with that boy underneath the bleachers that you got suspended for.”

Trivia: In a touch of visual irony, Kenzie wears a shirt with the word “normal” emblazoned across it during the sex scene.

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